Fido Mobile Rate Plans have Changed... Sort of

August 2, 2017 by
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Fido made some changes to their mobile rate plans today. The plans themselves are still very much the same as they were before, with an increase to data overage fees from 5 per MB, to 7 per MB. This change came shortly after Fido's parent company Rogers recently increased their data overage fees as well.
It's not all bad news though - they did also raise the data allotment on some of their Pulse plans by an extra GB, so there shouldn't be as much need to worry about data overages. The 9GB plan now comes with 10GB, and costs $10 less than before.
Fido has also re-branded their plan tiers. The old "Plus 10", "Plus 15", "Plus 25" etc plans have been renamed "SMALL", "MEDIUM", and "LARGE". The savings are still the same; You can save $300 off the upfront cost of a new phone on a SMALL plan, $500 on a MEDIUM plan, and $700 on a LARGE plan.
You can take a look at Fido's reworked rate plans at
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