New U.S. and International Roaming Options at Koodo

October 10, 2017 by
Koodo Logo on West 4th Avenue in Vancouver 
Today Koodo has followed their parent company TELUS' footsteps, and combined all of their travel and roaming add-ons into two simple daily options. There is a U.S. Easy Roam option that costs $7 per day, and a $10 international option that can be used in over 100 countries around the globe.
  • The daily Easy Roam fee is valid for 24 hours, and applies when you make or receive a call and send a text or use data abroad.
  • Phone calls to numbers in Canada and the U.S. (or in the country that you are visiting, if using the international option.) are included.
  • If your plan includes Shock-Free® data, you'll continue to receive data notifications while travelling and have the option to top-up at the domestic rate.
Both Roaming add-ons are free to activate and will stay active after the initial setup, so you don't have to remember to activate it every time you travel. Both can be set up using Koodo's Self Serve or by texting ROAM to 7626.

About Koodo Mobile:   Koodo Mobile is a Canadian mobile flanker brand started by Telus in 2008 and mostly oriented toward younger customers. Koodo differs from its parent Telus by not requiring a fixed term contract. Koodo currently provides postpaid and prepaid services. Being a subsidiary of Telus, Koodo has been able to offer extensive coverage and a strong presence in mobile retailers. This allowed Koodo to gain a presence nationwide. The brand name is a variation of the Ancient Greek word "κῦδος" (the ascendant to the English word "kudos"), meaning "praise, renown, glory" and more recently "acclaim for something well done". - Wikipedia

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