Are Koodo's Newest Plans What You Were Looking For?

May 22, 2018 by

Koodo Mobile has released some new plans across Canada. For starters, they’re offering a new $30 plan that includes 0 minutes of call-time and no text messages (except for unlimited incoming), but comes with 500 MB of pure data. Perfect for those who have a burner phone or simply want to have access to shock-free data with no strings attached. Alternatively, you could still go with their old $35 plan that includes 500 minutes of calling, unlimited text messaging and pay-per-use data. They’ve offered some dichotomy tailored for different uses. Somehow the plan with the lack of data makes me feel like it’s targeted towards seniors…

It doesn’t stop there. Koodo is also offering a limited-time offer in their newest $45 plan which offers 2 GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited messaging. That’s literally 2 GB of free data when compared to their old $45 plan, which includes unlimited minutes and messaging, but pay-per-use data. The deal is only around for a limited time though, so this could mean a few weeks or even days. Better cop it quick before it goes away!

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