Bye Bye Spotify Premium, Hello Fido's New XTRA Bonus!

May 23, 2018 by

It’s a sad day for people who are music lovers and were planning to use Fido. Starting today, Fido is saying goodbye to its 6 months of complimentary Spotify Premium and a heaping welcome to its new Fido XTRA bonus. Fido XTRA is centered around the Fido app and offers a free “XTRA,” or deals and giveaways for food, entertainment, apparel and more every Thursday of each week. All you have to do is log into the app to check whether new deals are available, and claim them as you like. These deals are quite generic and will surely fit your bill if you're techy, or just like trendy things and fancy foods in general.

But is this change for a better or for worse? Considering Spotify Premium charges a hefty $9.99 per month, 6 months would equate to $59.94. Listening to music is a big deal nowadays, everybody's got their headphones on in the subway and even while walking down the street. Fido XTRA, however, has stepped up their game; in its first few weeks, giveaways have ranged and rumored to be from 15% off of Westjet to 30% off of the Rebook store.

Suddenly $59.94 doesn’t seem like a lot compared to $75 off of a $500 ticket to the Bahamas or $60 off some nice basketball shoes–and that’s only the beginning. A coupon for Chipotle or Cactus Club? Count me in! The bonuses last for as long as you stick with Fido, and don’t expire after a measly 6 months like Spotify Premium. Who knows? It'll surely surprise you somewhere down the line. As grandma always says, the more free stuff, the better! After the first 6 months, you’d gain access to roughly 26 deals and offers that will surely satiate your appetite in one shape or another.

What are you WEIGHTING for? Head over to Fido and check it out for yourself.

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