5G Networks are Coming Soon

June 4, 2018 by

5G networks are quickly descending into U.S. territory later this year, leaving Canada in dust and jealousy as they make slower preparations. The next generation of data includes peak speeds up to 20 Gbps, lower latency and far better connection–over ten times as fast in comparison to its 4G LTE brother. At minimum it’s predicted that the network will allow download speeds of nearly 100 Mb/s, meaning Youtube or Instagram videos will fully load in a pinch.

5G is transmitted using new technology through the 600 and 3500-megahertz bands, frequencies much higher in the spectrum that have not yet been approved by the Canadian government. You know, to ensure that they aren’t harmful and won’t make you lose any hairs. Meanwhile, U.S. service providers are already setting up their 5G satellite towers and antennas all over, quite literally (some angry grannies are already complaining about giant metal rods being installed near their backyard).

Since everything releases slower in Canada, highly anticipated services like 5G are no exception; it’ll likely see a launch closer to 2020, the same estimated time for its international release. Shaw Communications has recently conducted trials in Calgary and other providers are slowly following suit.

Of course with new technology comes other newer technologies as well. Current phones aren’t able to support 5G and so the mantle shall be passed to the next generation of smartphones in development with faster processors, newer cameras and better screens (less bezels, perhaps?). 5G is predicted to revolutionize the design of smartphones, due to the weaknesses that the network has in comparison to 4G; in exchange for the upgrades of speed and performance, higher frequencies are transmitted at a much shorter distance, and transfer through opaque objects with much greater difficulty. As a result, phones will likely reduce their metallic components and figure out new ways to place the antenna so that the signal isn’t impaired when you hold it in your palm. Prepare for the oncoming wave of “different” and far more expensive phones... along with more people glued to their screens thanks to the boost in data.

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