The Perks of Apple's New macOS Mojave

June 8, 2018 by

Apple recently announced macOS Mojave, the newest version of macOS that comes with a few key improvements set for release later this year. For starters, the update will be free for Mac users and includes a night mode that does just what you think it would—turn your screen into a darker swatch of colors. A lot easier on the eyes for whatever you, uh, might be viewing at night. Night mode also affects all native apps and programs, and even goes further by changing third-party plugins like Google Chrome into a darker rendition of their former selves.

A new feature called Stacks for the desktop allows you to stack all your different content into little groups, meaning no more messy desktops filled to the brim with different files that you were too lazy to organize. These stacks can also be arranged based on file type, date, or tag. Now, sorting is only a drag away. Stacks also automatically organizes random contents for you instantly, so if you’re an avid screenshotter or addicted to saving multiple versions of a project onto your desktop, they’ll all be organized for you. Speaking of screenshots, they’ve made several adjustments to the screenshot feature in the form of a countdown timer, cursor hiding function and other ways to organize and transfer your screenshots.

Next is the new Finder app that has a revised algorithm to help you find your folders quicker, as well as a sidebar that provides you with the file details on click. Apple’s Mac Store was also configured and received a make-over that makes it easy for users to interact and navigate, with new video previews and tips on various apps. Its tabs were reorganized into broader categories of Discover, Create, Work, Develop, and Play.

Yet most importantly, macOS Mojave introduces an overhaul to security that allows users to be a little less paranoid; all apps are forced to request for approval before accessing your camera, microphone, messages, mail and anything that might be of threat to your personal data. Its new Intelligent Tracking Prevention system blocks any unwanted sites from tracking your cookies or location. Analytics and functions of sites that prey on your browsing history or cached data will also be prevented from doing so, however you can turn this feature off if you feel that you’ve nothing to hide. The macOS Mojave beta will likely be available with the impending release of the iOS 12 beta at the end of the month, so keep your eyes peeled throughout.

Read up more about macOS Mojave on Apple's official site.

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