watchOS 5 Comes With a Bag of New Tricks

June 14, 2018 by

The Apple Watch is getting a brand-new OS update later this autumn with some exciting features. watchOS 5 was recently unveiled at WWDC 2018 and includes a plethora of new tools ranging from fitness upgrades to Apple Podcasts, third-party apps on the watch face and the beloved new Walk-Talkie app, which allows Apple Watch users to communicate with each other through their devices. Fancy. The nifty gadget was originally introduced to the world just over three years ago and has become the industry standard for smartwatches due to its ergometric design and extensive qualities.

Since the majority smartwatch owners tend to be rather tech-savvy and have a splendid adoration for yoga pants, Apple has capitalized on their consumer base by focusing heavily on the fitness component; watchOS 5 enables Activity Sharing for sweaty workout buddies to flex and boast about their endorphin-tastic 10 km run earlier that morning. The software update also includes some workouts like Yoga (we all saw that coming) and finally a Hiking component to log calorie metrics and steps. Its running feature has also received a small touch-up and can now count steps per minute in addition to emitting a vibrating metronome to help runners keep in sync with their tempo.

Apple Podcasts are finally available via the tiny device itself and no longer require you to carry your phone, so now you can keep your pockets empty during your morning jog or errand. If youíre a watch owner but have never indulged in podcasts, you should definitely take advantage of the hype and learn some new things on the fly.

watchOS5ís Walk-Talkie is a function that lets you chat with your friends using your wifi or data upon the push of a button. Extremely handy, or wrist-y for that matter. There are also some minor changes to the notifications tab, including the ability to quick-reply and check some metrics just from the pull down. Not convinced yet? Maybe you should give it a few more years so we can watch movies and play games on our smartwatches before making the leap into its territory.

More on the Apple Watch at Apple's website.

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