Photos of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have Leaked

July 17, 2018 by

Somebody’s getting in trouble. Pictures of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9 smartphone have surfaced online, of a model that facetiously includes the factory sticker which reads “CONFIDENTIAL” and “NO PHOTOS ALLOWED.” Not surprisingly, the phone has a striking resemblance to its former counterpart, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and is relatively indistinguishable save for a repositioned camera and fingerprint sensor—the latter of which has since been moved to the back of the phone.

The phone was also spotted in the hands of the CEO, who was using it in public earlier this week. It’s rumored to come packaged with a new S Pen, which was redesigned to be lighter and includes Bluetooth support, that will also be integrated with features for gaming. From the pictures and rumors, it's since been determined that the phone will be lighter, have a new horizontal dual camera, and include the return of its USB-C port and headphone jack.

It’s interesting to note the S Pen’s Bluetooth functionality will allow it to be used as a remote device to control music playback, long-range self-timer, and anything else that traditional Bluetooth products have made more convenient for phone users. The phone will likely have some upgraded hardware within, smoothing operations and making things a little faster than before. It's set to launch at the end of summer and will engage Apple’s new line of iPhones in a bloodthirsty battle, the victor of which shall be left to the consumer.

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