A Quick Look at the iPhone XS, XS Max and the XR

September 19, 2018 by

Both the iPhone XS, XS Max and the XR are available for preorder! The iPhone XS and XS Max ship on the 21st of September, while the XR arrives nearly a month later. These phones have replaced the iPhone X as Apple's newest line of luxury phones, but at what cost? Let's delve a little deeper into their specifications to decide which phone is best suited for you.

In terms of pricing, the iPhone XS Max starts from $1519 CAD, while the XS follows at $1379 and the XR at $1079, setting a landmark for the most expensive iPhones ever made. All three phones are equipped with Apple's new A12 Bionic chip, which features a 15% increase in speed and a power usage of 50% less than its predecessor—kind of relevant given the iPhone's short battery life. Aside from the chip, the XR differs vastly from the XS and the XS Max, who only differentiate in terms of their size.

The iPhone XS features a 5.8" Super Retina HD display, as opposed to the XS Max's larger 6.5". If you have deep pockets, the XS Max will suit your needs, pun-intended. Each phone has a rear camera of 12MP and 2x optical zoom, along with a front camera of 7MP which will provide pristine-looking selfies. The pixel size has increased in comparison to the iPhone X, and their HDR algorithm has been optimized so your pictures will always look bright and crisp.

Battery life has also increased, but only ever so slightly. With the XS, it'll last you 30 minutes more than the iPhone X, and 90 minutes with the XS Max. They're also the first iPhones with the option of 512 GB of storage, matching the storage size of laptops and even Macbooks! That's a lot of photos and random junk you could store on a little device. Remember when 8 GB was a thing? Or when 64 GB was the max?

On the contrary, the iPhone XR is much more affordable, albeit with some drawbacks. For starters, the 6.1" display is only Liquid Retina HD, meaning image quality will be less sharp (326 ppi as opposed to the XS' 458). It also only has a singular 12MP camera as opposed to the XS' dual wide-angle camera, but luckily it's front camera is the same as the XS, so you can still snap some of those fabulous selfies. There's also a lack of 3D touch functionality, so don't expect to get anything from pressing icons a little harder on your screen. The XR does have some of its own pros, including better battery life, and a pallet of flashy colors ranging from yellow to red to blue and even coral; it also has a 128 GB model that fits the bill for the average user who might desire the sweet spot between the XS' 64 GB and 256 GB.

Now that you know the quick details, which phone do you think you'll get? Remember, Samsung's newest phones are around the corner as well. Choose wisely!

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