Audiovox CDM 8500

Audiovox CDM 8500 Front View


Canada: Bell


February 2003


Latest Reviews

1 Star out of 5

Not for my business!

Reviewed on Thursday May 26, 2005 by , Mississauga
I am fortunately at the end of my 2 year stint with this phone. It almost cost me my career. Only critical calls don't come through! Drops calls at random. Loud white noise bursts. Frequently searches for service that flatten's the battery. Sometimes it won't turn on unless you remove and re-install battery. I could go on but I can't wait to dump it!
1 Star out of 5

lemon phone

Reviewed on Monday November 8, 2004 by , calgary
The CDM-8500 has been the worst cell phone I have ever owned. Over the first 8 months, I sent it in for report 3 times. Each time I had to rent another phone at my cost to cover me while it was away (2wks each time). On the fourth return AudioVox sent me a refurbished "New" phone that promptly died again. Now customer service is telling me to send in the phone again (Hence start over the process). Have they not heard of RECALL. Admit the problems and get them fixed rather that just ignoring them.

Don't buy this model. Its a lemon!
2 Stars out of 5

Why Three Stars?

Reviewed on Thursday November 4, 2004 by , Toronto
After reading all of the terrible comments, I wonder how this phone manages to have a three star rating.

I have owned this phone for about 1 year now. When I first got the phone, the battery lasts for about 80 hours (a little over 3 days), in a digital
area, with absolutely no activity. Not bad, at least I feel confident that it will last for one full day.

The reception is terrible, probably the worst reception on a cell phone that I have ever owned. I have never had a call drop, but I usually have to go outside to make a call. Indoors, I usually have to turn the phone off, because the borderline signal strength causes it to constantly search for a signal and that drains the battery within a single day (8 hours). Still, it does manage to pull in a signal most of the time (when I'm out of my office), and when it does the voice quality is clear and loud enough.

The rigner is bad, I can't hear it in a car, shopping mall or other crowded area, unless I'm holding the phone in my hand. Or maybe I do hear it, but I don't realize that it's my phone. Strangely, other people, who are standing next to me, can hear it ring. I miss a lot of calls because of this.

The phone seems to get stuck, when you press 'stop' while listening to voice message recorded on the built-in answering machine (great feature). Then none of the buttons work, so I need to remove the battery to get it running again.

The phone is cheaper than other phones. It's nice looking, small, and has great features. If you don't depend on this phone for receiving calls, ... meaning
you don't mind missing a lot of calls (because of no signal, or you can't hear the ring) or you only use it to call out, and you can wait until you move into an area where you have good reception... then it's a perfectly good phone.

Yeah, I bought a new phone. It's great, so far, I'll review it after I've used it for a few months.
1 Star out of 5

Peice of junk!!!!!!!

Reviewed on Sunday September 5, 2004 by , Windsor Ontario
Where to begin.........The worst signal strength ever, walk into devinshire mall and goes right for searching for signal, watch out for moisture and hev u ever had the phone not want to turn off???? yah well it does the whole sound thing and shows the picture then it freezes and just chills there and the clown on the other side keeps saying good bye but it won't turn off so u have to pull off the battery and put it back in, and because i got moisture in my phone the battery now leaks great this is the worst phone and so far i'm not seeing good reviews from audiovox so what ever you do don't but this phone EVER....DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, IT'S A WAIST OF YOUR MONEY!!!