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CompareCellular.com is an independent and unbiased Canadian Web site that enables you to find the best cellular rate plan for your needs. Using an easy to follow chart, this site compares plans offered by all Canadian Wireless Carriers including Rogers, TELUS, Bell, Fido, Virgin Mobile, Koodo Mobile, Sasktel, MTS, and more. If you are an existing cellular phone user, this site can help you determine how to save money each month by changing to a more cost-effective plan based on your actual usage.

CompareCellular.com also has other features - a dealer locator, which directs you to all phone dealers in your area; the ability to compare smartphones; and wireless industry news targeted at the Canadian market. Also included are sections on features and add-ons, roaming and long distance rates.

The conceptual framework and design behind www.compareceullular.com comes from Al Kilburn, a senior cellular phone executive with over 28 years of cellular experience. Kilburn, who operated one of the largest national cellular phone dealerships in Canada for over 12 years, created the site because he recognized the lack of comparison information available for Canadian consumers.

Using this large database of information, the company also builds and maintains web sites for wireless dealers across Canada. Up to date information is the cornerstone to the success of the sites along with dynamic flexibility to allow the dealers control over some of the content. The most important component is a Corporate On-line Ordering module that allows the dealer to set up corporate accounts and sell online. For more information on this visit www.wirelessdealer.ca

As cellular phone plans can change frequently, please visit this site regularly to make sure you are still getting the best value for your money.

If you have any comments about Compare Cellular, please let us know.

iQmetrix acquires CompareCellular
iQmetrix acquired CompareCellular in January 2014. Very little will change in the near future we remain committed to bringing you the best and latest information on cellular devices, rates and plans. Over time, you will notice new types of content, reviews and analysis on this site. As always, we are open to your feedback.