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The Google Pixel has an average user review score of 1 Star out of 5 based on 11 reviews.

1 Star out of 5

Google made me an Apple Believer

Reviewed on Tuesday July 18, 2017 by , Waterford
Three years ago I began dating a software engineer who codes for a living. He is obviously tech savvy so when he suggested that Android was superior to Apple, and I was in the market for a new phone, I decided to switch last year after 6 loyal years.We both bought Nexus5x. Well, I was one of the lucky many who's hardware system exploded. Right outside the warranty period too. So I upgraded to Pixel. It was well reviewed. Supposedly the flagship. After5 months my first Pixel just straight up died. It had many symptoms including crashing when attempting to make a phone call. Google was nice enough to send me a (refurbished) replacement. Well ladies and gentlemen I kid you not this one has a broken mic. A common problem if you Google the Pixel. So after spending over a grand on Google phones in the last year, I will be gladly returning to my reliable IPhone.
2 Stars out of 5

Google Pixel isn't anything special, iPhone is better

Reviewed on Thursday June 8, 2017 by , Utah
I used an iPhone from 2007 until the end of last year, 2016, at which time I purchased a Google Pixel XL. It was so hyped up, and I was excited to try it; I paid in full for it. I've had it less than six months, and I'm ready to sell it and switch to just a basic iPhone SE.

The Pixel XL is clunky. It's big, and the OS doesn't compare to Apple. I'm not a huge Apple fan either. I switched because their hubris and constant bragging about user experience and such an elegant user interface (UI) was obnoxious. Now I'm going to eat my words because the fact is, their UI is MUCH MUCH better than Google Pixel's. Example: to turn off blue tooth on the pixel requires tapping the bluetooth icon and then having to manually slide the button to off, rather than just allowing you to hit it once to turn it on and off. This is one small example of MANY that make the Pixel clunky to use.

Supposedly if you tap the screen when it's asleep a certain number of times or quickly hold it up, the screen will illuminate to show you the time and if you have any notifications. This is SO inconsistent, it boggles the mind. It doesn't work half the time.

It's key feature - Google Assistant - is annoying to people like me who don't appreciate constantly being bombarded with your phone/Google trying to access every nook and cranny in your life and foist their AI features on you. It's not very intuitive turning these things off either, a testament to the poor UI.

I am frankly surprised at how clunky the OS and UI are. I worked for Google for 4 years, and love many of their other products and always thought they did a good job with user experience and interface. The Google Pixel stands in stark comparison to that.
1 Star out of 5

Google Pixel

Reviewed on Thursday May 4, 2017 by , Virginia
Absolutely terrible!!!! I have had nothing but problems with this phone ever since I bought it 2 months ago. I am kicking myself for trading in my Galaxy note. Worst phone I have ever owned. It freezes every day!!! All my apps quit working every day!!! It deletes new contacts, front camera is absolutely the worst, I had to turn off Google Assistant because when I made phone calls people complained I had a robot voice, dropped the phone once (with phone case on) and it cracked the glass on the back of the phone (who puts a random piece of glass on a phone?!?) And that automatically voided my warranty and when my phone just randomly turned off while I was taking a video and didn't turn back on, I was unable to replace it because of the crack in the glass!!! I could go on. Not having a external home button is a big issue. The phone over heats and freezes up so much, that if you try to back out or close an app, the phone won't recognize that you are clicking the home button because it's always *bleeping* frozen!! It also never registeres when you click anything.. there is always a 1/2 second delay when clicking anything!!! Worst decision I have ever made.. I miss my Galaxy so much!
1 Star out of 5

Worst phone i Have ever HAD!!!!

Reviewed on Monday May 1, 2017 by , Anon
1st of all the phone has major issues with the microphone making it impossible to conduct a phone call or do anything involving the mic! It is an intermittent problem, meaning the phone works fine one day and the next day it wont. I paid almost $1000 for this device because it was a google product! NEVER AGAIN. APPLE IT IS! btw my pixel is under warranty. I have been messaging, emailing etc for weeks now. there is no google store to do a swap. the only way they will send a replacement is if you buy another pixel and then get the reimbursement after the damaged device is received! What kind of customer service is that!!! why should I have a spare $1k in my account just incase google makes a mistake???
1 Star out of 5

Weak Battery

Reviewed on Friday March 31, 2017 by , Stickney, IL
If you are an intermodal truck driver like me, and use your phone a lot to scan your QR Codes into the kiosks at the rail terminals, then this phone is NOT for you. The battery drains in NO TIME. At least the. IPhone 5s that when it was brand new the battery lasted a couple'a DAYS not hours. What I should'a done is check on average battery life, so I don't have to keep the "portable" android cell phone plugged into my truck the whole day when I'm not using it.
1 Star out of 5

Poor Battery Life

Reviewed on Friday March 10, 2017 by , Colorado Springs, CO
The battery on this phone keeps running down. I have to keep it on the charger even during the day. I'm still wondering why I switched from the Motorola Maxx. The features on this phone are satisfactory but the battery life gives it a low rating with me.
0 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday February 6, 2017 by , New Delhi
Dear All Friends,

I bought google pixel 32 GB with lot of hope and having a very good image of this product approx one month back. Yesterday the whole touch screen stopped working , i went to the service center today and they say that google don't have policy of replacement so they will repair it. What the hell is this? For this is what i bought this phone , Friends think 10 times before buying this phone from google.

Note: It was never brought in contact with water or fallen since i bought it.

1 Star out of 5

Pixel phone

Reviewed on Saturday January 28, 2017 by , Canada
Very dissapointed on the Google pixel phone. January 27 2017 my phone was charging next to me, I rolled over and burn my back from the phone. For some reason it was so hot! I unplugged it, let cold it down use it again and then it startes to warm up again. The battery dies quickly and when I charge it again it get hot again. I'm very caution my life from this phone :( very disappointed.
1 Star out of 5

Google pixel

Reviewed on Sunday December 25, 2016 by , Ottawa Canada
Very slow phone. Barely able to connect to Wi-Fi. Has an ultra rare charger cord..... Very disappointed for the $700.00++ dollars I spent on it......
I miss my Samsung
4 Stars out of 5

Likes and dislikes

Reviewed on Saturday December 17, 2016 by , Tallahassee
First off I think I should let me known I switch from an iPhone to the Pixel. That being said the Pixel seems to be the best Android forms to try first. There are features that would make things better tho.

1) Adding badges on apps installed on the phone. I've missed messages and missed calls because I didn't see I has missed anything.
2) Being able to add text shortcut would make texting much easier. Allowing users to add things like ty for thank you.
3) The back button being next to the send button ensures I send messages with too many errors.
4) the HD camera turns out pics with either great quality or back lighting.
5) having the battery percentage show right by the battery would a nice luxury.

1) The headphone jack being located on the top is too smart. It makes plugging aux cords less frustrating.
2) Talk to text is pretty spot on. Definitely a pro when it comes to times you can't dedicated time to proofreading before you send.
1 Star out of 5

zippy and nice cam but dissapointed overall

Reviewed on Sunday October 23, 2016 by , NH
I was excited to get the Pixel. It has a really great camera. It's pretty fast functioning. I REALLY wanted this to be my next cell phone but it's not as I'm returning it. It's an EXPENSIVE cell phone. I paid $749.99 for the 128 GB Pixel. It's got ergonomics with using that I do not like. It takes more clicks to do a function that other, less costly droids, can do in one click. For example, to close all open apps, not only is that option top left screen, which is a pain but you have to swipe the multi-app down, which exposes the option to close all, THEN can close all, which is an extra step. Also, you can NOT hide apps at all and you can NOT hide photos/videos at all. If I'm going to pay TOP DOLLAR for a cell phone, I want cutting-edge stuff but, these things I'm writing about are just BASIC things. In some ways, I like the simplicity but it's TOO simple at the high cost. One positive thing is that it's easy to toggle between the two most recently used apps by double-clicking the multi-app button. I was surprised that there's actually Google support chat right on the cell but, it didn't do me any good b/c simple functions like hiding an app and photo just isn't a function the cell has. There are very few ring tones and they're frankly lame, and I can NOT differentiate ring tones for different messaging apps vs email, etc... Again, these things are BASIC things I would expect fro a cell that cost &750.00. I'm sadly returning it.