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The HTC Touch has an average user review score of 2 Stars out of 5 based on 41 reviews.

4 Stars out of 5

HTC Touch (Bell - CDMA)

Reviewed on Saturday April 17, 2010 by , canada
The version I'm using is from Bell(Canada) with unlimited mobile browsing ($7/mth) 400MHz processor compared to GSM version from Fido/Rogers.
I've enabled the A-GPS and it can be used by many GPS software, such as GoogleMap and iGo8.
With mobile browsing,I seldom have to turn on my laptop. Skype, email, RSS, Yahoo news,weather and gas price from the cellphone.
Browsers: Opera,Skyfire & PIE.
microSD: 2gb and 16gb (Lexar)

I wrote this after 2 years of usage. Fantastic phone for this size - notes, appointment, address, many type of calculators and spreadsheet calculators - literally survived 1 trip without a laptop.
4 Stars out of 5

good phone 2 years no problems

Reviewed on Wednesday December 9, 2009 by , london,ontario
i had the phone for almost 2 years. i just love it, i had no problems with it-software or hardware. sometimes slows down.

easy fix for that is to hook it up to your computer and defragment the memory.
1 Star out of 5

HTC touch

Reviewed on Friday June 26, 2009 by , langley bc
This is the worse piece of crap I have every had. I bought the service package for this phone and I am so glad I did. My whole family have one of there phone. 4 phones in all. I have had to turn the phone in 12 times all together. I am determined not to just put up with the problems of dropped call, freezing. Sometimes it doesn't ring so you miss calls or it rings 1 time and then goes to voice mail. We have free incoming call and I swear it is programed to hang up so I have to use my minutes and call the person back and use up my minutes. So frustrated. Each time I have a problem I turn it in to Bell and get a new one. They know me by name now when I come into the store. Don't buy this phone!!!
2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday June 9, 2009 by , Mississauga Ontario
Had this HTC for about a month now and it suddenly started freezing at start up each day.Have to open the back remove the battery , reinstall the power on again to get it going. Is this junk or what?.
2 Stars out of 5

Not so good

Reviewed on Friday June 5, 2009 by , Vancouver
I've had my HTC Touch for about a year now and for the first couple of months it was great and really enjoyed it. Then it started to get finicky. Call display would only show the bottom half of the name and number so I would never know who was calling. I had a problem with freezing also...seems to be the general concensus. Turned my phone off for 8 days when i went on a trip and it wouldn't turn back on when i got back home and the touch screen stopped working. Finally got it to turn back on and when it did it froze and I couldn't use it to call out or text. Battery not soo good! I have to charge it every night or carry it with me wherever I go. I wouldn't recommend this phone.
1 Star out of 5

On number 7

Reviewed on Thursday April 23, 2009 by , Edmonton
I bought this phone in January of 2008..what a mistake. Thank goodness for the extended warranty plan I got. It was great for the first couple of days..then it started freezing up. I brought it back and they gave me a new one. That one worked great for about a month. Then same problem: freezing up, shut itself off. I went to the store the ordered me a new one. A few days late I got the new one. Same thing good for a month then the same issues. Now I am on phone 6 with number 7 on its way. This one is the worse of them all. Yesterday it called Japan..on its own. It calls random numbers, rings with no incoming call, freezes, kicks me off msn, doesn't send messages vis msn, shuts itself off, turns itself on..the list goes on. I am considering getting a different phone and selling the new htc when I get it. The wait for the new htc is 4-6 weeks..I am very disapointed in this phone..Bell has been awsome with trying to get me a phone as soon as they can. If you are thinking about this phone..think again..its terrible :(
1 Star out of 5

I hate my phone

Reviewed on Monday March 16, 2009 by , toronto
My HTC is a piece of junk. It freezes, has a void which is dead, somehow my face turns on the speaker phone or dials buttons. My MSN didn't work, my contacts are hard to navigate and when I called Bell to complain they basically said "too bad, why not buy a better phone off Ebay" They have me by the junk on this phone and my plan, I am beginning to hate Bell.
4 Stars out of 5

Not that bad

Reviewed on Wednesday January 7, 2009 by , Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
I have had the phone for awhile now and find the features are good (the ones I am using).The battery life is a draw back because it draws alot when on the web. It is good for checking emails since I am on AOL and not a problem with that.I also have it linked to a sling player and it works good receiving TV shows. IM works good also and has a voice message which I like because I don't have to type message. I downloaded Opera on it as a web brouser which works better than the one built in because I can enter info on web sights for searches etc. so this download is highly recommended and is free!One thing I noticed is that when you have against your ear, other programs are activated and you have to close these out after being on phone.I have Bell and they have been helpful.This phone so far has had no real problems(knock on wood!)
1 Star out of 5

HTC Touch

Reviewed on Monday December 22, 2008 by , bc canada
I have had this piece of junk for a year and I absolutely HATE it!! I've had the same problems as many of the other reviews you read here. I can't wait to get rid of it and get a decent phone. My husband also has one, he has had many problems as well ie: freezing, battery life etc. he has finally admitted that he is not that happy with it either.
1 Star out of 5

The absolute worse, EVER

Reviewed on Sunday December 14, 2008 by , Vancouver
I have to agree with the bad reviews, if you are thinking about getting this phone I strongly urge you to forget it. I have had it since April and have had 3 catastrophic crashes. Each time is slightly different, but the effect is the same, the phone freezes and becomes useless. Each time I bring it back to [service provider] and since its under 3 year warranty, they order me another one (probably refurbished, but I don;t know). Two of the three times all my contacts froze too, so I have learnt to back up my contacts on to my laptop. Bottom line, don't do it!
1 Star out of 5

Worst Phone Ever! Useless!

Reviewed on Monday December 1, 2008 by , Norfolk, Virginia
This has got to be the worst phone I ever had. It freezes. The touch does not work. I have to reset it at least 7 times a day on average. I cant get to my contacts. My screen has a dark area that is like I dead zone. I cannot tap there because nothing happens. I cannot read my email. Ntelos employs not one soul who knows anything about the phone. I would support a class action lawsuit. The worst phone ever made!
1 Star out of 5

Not a good phone, be careful if you have one

Reviewed on Monday November 17, 2008 by , Ottawa
I bought this phone for my wife and for the first little while everything seemed to be good with the phone. My wife then started getting problems with the phone freezing, which she would have to pull out the battery and put it back in.

THE BIGGEST DRAWBACK of this phone is that it is not durable and your warranty can be easily void. There is an indicator that shows whether the phone has been in contact with water. If this shows that it has been contact with water, than the warranty becomes void. THE PROBLEM IS that anything can change that indicator to true...such as condensation from your skin, or COLD WEATHER.

This phone is one of the worst phones I ever bought and I am truly unhappy with HTC and will never buy any of their products.
5 Stars out of 5

Not sure what the bill is

Reviewed on Sunday November 16, 2008 by , Canada
Frankly i am failing to see the point - my htc has been awesome for what i need in text, msn and net it performs way better than lg rumour. as for reset it happened once only and i used reset on bottom with no issue or lost not saying your prob are not there seems u got the bad ones in the bunch. i personally love it, only switch i may consider would be to the htc diamon.
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday October 23, 2008 by , Canada
This is a very practical phone, and very user friendly. But not rugged enough for my lifestyle i guess. Faceplate broke twice in the same place and the screen scratches very easily. The Battery life isn't the best, but what can you expect with a touch screen phone. Other than that i am very impressed with the phone.
1 Star out of 5

i loved this phone till it started to give me problems!!!

Reviewed on Monday October 20, 2008 by , ontario
ok... this phone was one of the best phones i had till i started to have trouble with it. i had to send it back and get a new phone and the battery life is so small it has to charge EVERY nite in order to last all day. and it never lasts all day!
the customer service i also know is VERY bad especially from BELL:(
CANT wait to get rid of bell
2 Stars out of 5

I agree to disagree......

Reviewed on Wednesday October 8, 2008 by , Montreal, Qc.
I cant deny the fact the HTC Touch is a problematic phone. It DOES continually freeze up, leaving you speaking into the phone like a fool. Many of the default programs as well such as the sound files for the ringtones for example, have a bad habit of corrupting themselves thus leaving us to continually have the phones flashed. One thing I beg to argue however, as I've noticed a few comments about the cell phone companies that support this phone such as Rogers, Bell, Telus, etc...Many people (not only those with comments on this site but every day people I may speak with) seem to have the misconception the CELLULAR NETWORK PROVIDER a.k.a. Rogers, Telus, FIDO, BELL... should be responsible for the phones they sell. To an extent I do understand where most come from with this, however we must keep in mind these cies are NETWORK providers, NOT the maker of these models. Reason why one will see BLACKBERRY, HTC, NOKIA, Samsung on a phone. The manufacturers are the ones who fabricate & release these models to the public, the network cie will not have a clue these phones are problematic until we, consumers, give feedback. I believe, if a class action suit should be brought up against anyone, it should be towards the manufacturer's & not the Network providers.......
4 Stars out of 5

soo not as bad.

Reviewed on Monday October 6, 2008 by , halifax
I actually really like this phone. its never frozen up on me at all. maybe i got one of the better ones?
anyway everyones reallly hating on this phone way too much. i think its definately not as bad as everyones saying here.
1 Star out of 5

HTC crappy

Reviewed on Tuesday September 30, 2008 by , calgary
I have had the HTC touch for about 7 months now and am definatly nothappy w/it. My first HTC touch had to be returned due to over heating. It would get so hot i could not even hold it in my hand. Now the new one has not had this problem however i do not recieve calls or voicemails. I have also had the problem of voicemail icon appearing with no messages. I also have had to deal with freezing problems. My cellular provider is bell and they are unwilling to help me with looking into getting a new phone and I have also contacted HTC and they are unwilling/unable to help in in anyways possible. In my opinion this is a really crappy phone and would not reccomened any HTC product to anyone.
1 Star out of 5

My HTC ""Touch" Phone- Worst Phone I've ever Had!!

Reviewed on Saturday September 27, 2008 by , Middle Tennessee
If you are even thinking of getting this phone, take some good advise from these post!!! DON'T GET THIS PHONE! I've had a lot of various phones over the years, believe me, this is the worst cell phone ever! If the extremely short battery life isn't enough to deter you, then keep reading.

(1) From the first day I owned this phone, it would call people and I would hear people on other end, saying Hello, Hello. It almost drove me nuts, trying to figure out how I must have left the phone turned on..but now I've found out it wasn't anything I was doing. These phones will call people at random, and they can hear you entire conversation you are having. This is a major security issue. Imagine being an attorney, and your sitting talking with a client, and the phone has decided to call someone, then they listen to entire conversation your having. Not too good when things get leaked out, now is it! Believe me, these phone will call back on their own. I can recall at least 15 to 20 times its happened to me. Sometimes I have some explaining to do! Beware of the HTC Touch..."Just reach out and touch someone", this was the old Bellsouth's Jingle...I guess this is why they name this phone "TOUCH"

(2) Another major problem I have is reception. I live very near one of my carrier's tower, and when I'm inside my house, I cannot get any reception. I have to go outside to make a call most of the time.

(3)Phone kept freezing up. There is a major upgrade on the HTC website, that has a fix for the freezing up problem. I downloaded it myself, and experienced no problems with the download. Just follow the directions carefully.

(4) Misc: The processor is slow, compared to the I-Phone. Im going to trash this phone and just $350.00 and consider it another major lesson learned!! The customer service is terrible too. Most of it comes from India! Its not hard to tell, as they just imput the problem that you are telling them your having, and they read the notes about how to fix it, to you! You usually have to ask to speak to their supervisor, to get help.

(5)This phone is very slippery. There has been numerous times I dropped, or nearly dropped it too!

(6) Battery life is very, very limited. It is an energy "HOG" I even had to pay extra money and buy an extended life battery, with new battery cover. This provided me with much greater talk time.

(7) The camera is dismal at best. I have some much trouble with the functions of the camera, I rarely use it. Dont buy it for its camera.

(8) As you can tell, I'm a very unhappy camper, when it comes to the ownership of this phone. After reading this and the other post, if you still buy one, then you deserve the problems its going to bestow upon you!

(9) There is another person who made a post, stating we should get a class action suite started over this troublesome cellphone. I agree with them...I hope someone will get it started..I will support it too!
4 Stars out of 5

so far no problem

Reviewed on Thursday September 18, 2008 by , canada
I have had this phone for over two weeks and I had no problems with it, I did lock myself out but I took it to the store and they were able to reset it for me, Thank goodness. I really dont think this phone is as bad as people make it out to be.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday September 17, 2008 by , Langley, bc
My boyfriend and I both purchased an HTC from Rogers. My craped out after three weeks. THe scren went white with a smal black spot of what appeared to be lcd crystals. THe tech said it was a defect and they sent me a new one. My boyfriends just did the same thing six months later, only Rogers said they cant't replace it and he has to deal with the warranty through far my replacement is okay,knock wood, but all in all 2 out of 3 have failed with the same problem in less than 6 months... Anyone else?
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday September 16, 2008 by , Canada
I am thinking of buying this phone, but i am not sure, i hear alot about it freezing and being a piece of c**p, but all i want is a nice touch phone to text with, and i might use it for music and SOME web browsing, will it still do all this freezing if i am only asking it for these simpler tasks?
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday September 14, 2008 by , Ottawa, Ontario
Ok, though i'll admit that i kind of like this phone its a piece of crap. i've had mine for a grand total of 2 days and i've had to reset it 12 times do to it freezing... which sucks because you have to re-enter any info you put in it before it froze. i don't know how many things lost on it already and the whole system is kind of hard to navigate around as well; it took me 20 minutes just to firgure out how to get to the txt section.

my suggestion for anyone who's considering getting this phone is to not. take my advixce and save yourself the headache.
4 Stars out of 5

HTC Touch - better than my PDA

Reviewed on Friday September 12, 2008 by , Victoria, BC
I'm a longstanding PDA user (Phillips Nino - I still have have and use from time to time, Palm Treo and Dell Axim X5) so I jumped at the chance to have a pda/phone. As a PDA the phone stands up with my Dell and I have had no problems with software/firmware. Most of my use is oriented towards pda functionality including calendar and e-mail. Yes, the data connection stays on which isn't a problem for me as I have an unlimited account. I believe it can be turned off but it is a settings function and it's rather awkward. I have had only one occurance of freezing but it was a battery issue (too low a charge left).

I'm willing to bet that most of the complaints in this forum are from power phone users, not PDA guys like me. I think if you look at the unit as a pda that has phone funtionality rather than a 'smart phone' you would see a much higher satisfaction rating.
1 Star out of 5

phone is as good as the customer service

Reviewed on Sunday August 24, 2008 by , canada vancouver
the phone is terrible ,like other comments below about the freezing issue is very true.becuause of the touch screen your cheek hangs up on you ,the callibration on the touch screen needs to be callibrated often,backing falls off.slippery phone ,C***/ now the customer service so i hear about an update to help the freezing only by going into the location after much frustration trying to figure it out.some young kid tells me its cause i dont have the update well you have no problem texting me my bill or your advert c*** how bout you let me know that your phones are screwed ,and he cant do it at the store and i need to phone someone @ tech support to help me WHAT THE H***,next he tells me he can send it out and give me a loner phone wich doesnt do haif of wehat my phone does and its going to take 5 vdays,shut down bells buisness for 5 days let see what happens .after at least an hour of arguing with people on the phone outside the store,taking no for an answere i had the same phone currierd to me the next day and when mine came in i had to go back to the store total c*** and would never go with bell again ill pay the 800 for my to phones to get out of the contract loose that in two days without a proper phone
1 Star out of 5

Worst phone EVER

Reviewed on Saturday August 23, 2008 by , Mississauga
This phone is complete Garbage, No. 1 Problem Freezing. this phone freezes in the middle of a call, theres no way to reboot, you have to take the battery out and put it back in then it takes 5 minutes to start up.
This is by far the worst phone I've ever had, it's difficult to navigate, the touch is not sensitive, sound is below average and the data connection never turns off, I'll turn it off then it automatically starts up after 2 min. If you don't have an unlimited data plan your in for a big surprise.
I do not reccomend this phone to anybody.

1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday August 19, 2008 by , Langley BC
Bell does not stand behind it. I bought 4 for my family, in 3 months we have torn thru 7 phones, they are garbage. Bell refuses to recognize they have a problem and try to dump it on the manufacturer. Save everything to the chip not the phone as the phone freezes constantly and you lose all your info.

Anyone ready for a class action suit

I know it has cost me thousands in business calls and lost data
2 Stars out of 5

Not Happy

Reviewed on Saturday August 9, 2008 by , Victoria BC
I was very excited to get this phone at first. But quickly I noticed flaws like when texting, after a while the pop up screen for T9 goes static and you can't see anything.

Then the freezing up starts on any program you choose. My girlfriends phone was doing the same thing. I've only had it 7 months and then the screen wouldn't get past the opening screen and turn onto the actual working front screen, therefore I couldn't text or make calls etc. And making calls was slow and lagging.

My phone froze up so bad, I had to call Bell and get it fixed. The first person sucked at IT, but the 2nd guy got it right and I downloaded the 'patch' to fix the phone. Isn't that just like ALL Microsoft programs. You buy their 'ideas' but the practical uses for them need work.

All in all 2.5 stars/ out of 5. Great idea, but I'm sure the other newer "SMART" phones are going to do better at this the longer they are on the market and learn from HTC's errors.
1 Star out of 5

Htc touch window mobile

Reviewed on Wednesday July 30, 2008 by , calgary canada
It is realy bad phone I ever have it .
It,s have window inside you need to restart it like computer.In day time you can not see the buttons.The batery life is too small.
I suggest you not buy this phone you will regret .
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday July 16, 2008 by , Calgary
This phone is the worst phone ever and i highley recmond not to buy the phone.6months only i have it and this is the 2nd phone so i had 2 phone to have these openions from.righting taxt is a problem touch screen is a big problem.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday July 15, 2008 by , Calgary AB
I've had this phone for 8 months now and have hated every minute of it. It has caused me numerous problems from hanging up on people to redialing them while I was already talking to them. This phone on a regular basis will go into silent mode and the only way to get it off is to turn the phone off and reboot it which brings me to another issue. It is very slow at rebooting itself. Trying to navigating through the phone isn't as easy as they make it out to be. They provide you with a writing tool but what has happened is this tool has scratched the screen considerably to the point it makes it hard to read the screen in sunlight. Sound on the HTC Touch is below par making it hard to hear and be heard.

Overall, I can't wait til my year comes up so I can do a hardware upgrade as I am sooooo dissatisfied with this phone.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday July 13, 2008 by , sault ste marie
got it a month ago and doesnt work.. touch screen is messed... super slow and freezes all the time! garbage in my opinion.
2 Stars out of 5

HTC Touch

Reviewed on Thursday July 10, 2008 by , London, Ont
I just got this phone and I'm not to happy with it. The battery sucks big time. I only get 2 and a half days and than its dead. The reception is ok, but not the best. The phone has great features, but the battery makes it bad. Overall, I would not recommend this smart phone.
1 Star out of 5

customer satisfaction

Reviewed on Wednesday June 25, 2008 by , Burlington, ON, Canada
2 months and it no longer works! I have the hard case for it and a pocket type protector for it as well. Even with that, it seems that somehow my screen has cracked. I am careful with it. I don't keep it in my back pocket. I don't remember anything hitting it? Defect or Damage? Customer service says damage and that they aren't responsible. Add $100 to the price of the phone to get it repaired. Not so great after only having it a couple of months.
4 Stars out of 5

Great Product

Reviewed on Saturday May 3, 2008 by , Toronto
I use the Touch regularly and I love it.

If you get it, get it with the unlimited data package because the Touch comes preloaded with Internet Explorer and Outlook Mobile.
Once you get it, you will NEVER be able to go back to a regular phone.

I use the device mainly to listen to music (free XM radio & other internet radio stations) but also play games. The touch screen is very responsive.

The only bad thing I find is that it runs on Windows Mobile 6, but with Windows Mobile 7 to be released soon, and WM 8 in the works, the bad rep WM6 has, should go away.
WM6 slows the device down, and if you run many applications at the same time, it will freeze. Also, to switch between applications, you have got to go to the main Home Screen and navigate from there (n).

Otherwise, great phone!
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday March 18, 2008 by , Square One
I agree with the above statement that it can be hard to navigate through text messages as well as contacts. But, I have a solution for you all. Go to either "" or "" and download a wide variety of free software for the touch. One in particular I found usefull for the txt and contacts issue is a program called "Pocket CM" It is an improved contacts book with access to text, as well it will list any text conversations you have had with any of your contact, pending you have not deleted your txt history.
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday March 3, 2008 by , Montreal
The OS is sooooo sloooooow, compared to the HTC Tytn or treo 750, don't ask to many things at the same time, it will freeze on you, but overall an OK buy 3/5
4 Stars out of 5

not too bad

Reviewed on Sunday February 17, 2008 by , ontario
Ive had this phone for a few weeks now. And the unit itself is excellent. However, if you are like me and enjoy being able to navigate around your text messages and throughout the phone quickly then it kinda sucks. Other than that its a solid phone.
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday January 18, 2008 by , Ottawa
It's a solid phone as far as coolness of the unit, voice quality is sub par, when compared to my blackberry or nokia E62. Camera is slow to adapt to motion. Very cool looking, though.
3 Stars out of 5

Good and Bad - not for the texting individual

Reviewed on Friday December 14, 2007 by , Halifax NS
The handset is a small and compact. It feels durable, no cheap. The menu is easy enough to navigate through and the touch is very easy to use. The only problem is, you can't type using your fingers, you are forces to use the stylist, which is very small and uncomfortable. The phone menu is easy to use and does not require the stylist what so ever. If you use your micro card as much as I go, the HTC-Touch will anger you. To access the Micro you have to take the back cover off and peel the silver crom on the right hand side of the device. Itís not easy to get at and is a pain in the a** really.

Over all, I give the device a 3 out of 5. This device is going to attract a customer who isnít big in typing or texting. Possibly a youth Market where people are able to play with the multi media aspects of the device.
5 Stars out of 5

your touch phone

Reviewed on Sunday November 25, 2007 by , canada
This is by far the best mobile phone.

There is no excuse for not comunicating,exellant features,nice size screen ,easy to read, nice sharpe photos as well.

Should do well in the market place,this phone has it all.