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The LG Fortune has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 7 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

Lg fortune

Reviewed on Saturday October 7, 2017 by , Pelzer
I personally like this little hot rod phone, it's light weight durable, super fast, easy to operate, my best way to describe this phone is like putting a V8 engine in a truck that came factory with a 4 cylinder it's small but will haul butt if you know what I mean, any one that has a problem with this phone obviously has very little experience with Android, myself I had owned thousands and I have no complaint about this Little hot rod...
0 Stars out of 5

This phone sucks

Reviewed on Monday September 11, 2017 by , Florida
This is long...This is my first smart phone, the LG Fortune. Purchased 8/24. I've been using a small tracfone for years. It never had problems. The fortune worked good for a week and a half. On 9/5: Messaging wouldn't work randomly. On 9/6 I couldn't dial out. It wouldn't connect. Just said calling. Call's came in but they couldn't hear me. Had to go to my dads to use a land line. When I did get heard, the calls dropped. It started working right that evening. 9/7 Repeat. Dropping calls, can't dial out, people can't hear me. 9/8 dead. 9/9 The display was flashing like an old crt monitor. Touch / tap went out. 9/10 Not dialing out, touch not working, lines in display. Went to my local cricket, but they were closed due to an incoming hurricane. Powered phone off and on many times. Touch/tap works then stops. 9/11 lines still on display. Touch works maybe twice but goes right out. Example: Got on the phone to check curfew today. Tested touch first. Messaging came up, calculator worked. Go to Google bar, no response. Tapped the hell out of several apps, shook it, powered off on a few times with the same results. Everything is closed today with curfew in affect so no cricket store. I'm using my laptop and old phone for today. I really hope they exchange it. Likely a bum phone. Some here had no problems with this phone. Others had the same problems. If they won't exchange it, other major carrier here I come. $142 up in smoke for phone and accessory's.
5 Stars out of 5

Great Phone

Reviewed on Wednesday September 6, 2017 by , Athens TX
I really enjoy using this phone. Have had good luck with LG phones in the past. I use the phone all day for business and have no problems. Great battery life.
1 Star out of 5

terrible phone

Reviewed on Saturday August 5, 2017 by , Columbia,Tennessee
I too had trouble with dropped or missed calls as well as having to swipe screen multiple times to even get it to even open the call.After 2 months of nothing but trouble I tried to resolve the problem at the store where I purchased the phone only to be told there was nothing wrong with my phone.So frustrated that I switched to another carrier and got a different phone. Do not reccommend this phone to anyone!
2 Stars out of 5

Problems with LG Phone

Reviewed on Tuesday July 25, 2017 by , Chicago
My phone is 2 weeks old. From day one it was dropping calls or the person on other end could not hear me. When I text someone and put the phone down I hear it calling the person i just sent the text to. I hooked it up to my bluetooth, it dials the number and then drops the call. This phone really needs to be evaluated by LG and possibly recalled. I have just sent it back to LG and they are going to send me a new one but I don't think the problems are over. I most likely will be sending back again. What an inconvenience!
5 Stars out of 5

Awesome Phone!

Reviewed on Sunday July 16, 2017 by , West Virginia
I've had several androids, including Samsung Galaxies. The LG FORTUNE has an AMAZING battery life. Phone is very fast. Lots of storage. Nice display and good call quality.
1 Star out of 5

this phone is not for phone calls

Reviewed on Thursday May 25, 2017 by , gulfport fl
I bought the fortune on monday (5 days ago) and everything seemed fine. Then I started using it to make phone calls... that it kept dropping. While on the phone with customer service it dropped the call 5 times. I went into the store they reset the phone and put in a new sim card. An hour later on the first phone call I made the person on the other end kept saying they could not hear me and I was cutting out, then it dropped the call. After that I went back to the store to see what could be done. They gave me a new fortune, ok. I went home and again the first second and every call I have made the person says they cannot hear me, I am cutting out. I put it on speaker thinking maybe my head was in the way haha and while on speaker I could see the signal bars, I had between 3 bars and 1 bar. At the point in the phone call when the person said I was breaking up, there were 3 bars of signal. They must like me alot because they stayed on the phone with me playing the hello can you hear me game for several minutes, all the while still having 3 bars of signal. Eventually they could hear me again, still with 3 bars of signal. Then of course the call dropped. So in review I do not think this phone was made for making phone calls. It looks nice, the other functions seem to work...but again I have had this phone less than a week, so who knows. I will be returning to the store to ask for another phone ANY PHONE BUT THE FORTUNE!