LG TU515 Reviews

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The LG TU515 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

1 Star out of 5

TU515 SMS capability

Reviewed on Wednesday September 17, 2008 by , Toronto
Sending SMS message is not possible with SIM card other than Rogers. It is because the text message center telephone number can not be changed. This is a significant deficiency unacceptable for people who travel a lot
5 Stars out of 5

LG TU515 is an outstanding phone

Reviewed on Wednesday September 3, 2008 by , Canada
I bought the LG TU515 today and I have to say so far I am very, very impressed. It charged within 2 hours, the battery life seems to be great (more testing tomorrow), it uses the 3G network and for some reason I am able to get online on Pay-As-You-Go (Rogers Wireless). Data transfer is easy. Installation of the software is fast. The phone is easy to learn. MP3 sound great, camera is great, video is also great. There is US version of this phone called the CU515, although they are very similar there is two key differences. The CU515 (US phone) has a speaker button located at the back of the phone right next to the flip part, so it would be very hard to hold the phone without pressing that too many times, as for the TU515 they got rid of that and just added it when you make the call you have to hit the middle button on the keypad to turn on speaker. The other difference between the TU515 & CU515 is that the TU515 has an extra camera lens in the front with will allow video calling. Considering I got this phone today and haven't really tested out all the features I can safely say taht this phone will get a very high rating.. heck I will give it high rating now.

The only downside is.. if I have to find one.. would be.. ???.. lots of finger prints.
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday May 5, 2008 by , Toronto
i would like too know the pro & cons about this phone ? like is it a good for or a bad phone.