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The LG VU TU915 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 29 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday February 15, 2013 by , vietnam
very good
3 Stars out of 5

It sorta sucks.....

Reviewed on Saturday January 1, 2011 by , mississauga
My phone keeps turning off by itself!! I charge my phone for about 3 hours and as soon as i use it the battery dies! It's really annoying. And where's the flash on the camera? But other then those problems the phone before was really good.
4 Stars out of 5

one prob...

Reviewed on Wednesday January 6, 2010 by , Alberta
i've had the phone for a year and it's been great! only problem i have is that it's made for a right handed person! all the buttons and scroll down menus are on the right hand side of the phone. not very convenient for leftys like me.
4 Stars out of 5

Love it but need help with a few problems

Reviewed on Thursday December 10, 2009 by , Vancouver, BC, Canada
I love my phone, its sleek, stylish and suits almost all my needs. There are a few things that i wish i could add to the features, like maybe being able to save my txt messages that i recieved. I cannot figure out how to do that if it even exists. Apparently there is flash on the camera but not on mine. Also the quality of the camera is quite poor. a 2.0 megapixel camera on a phone now-a-days is quite pathetic, my friends have camera phones with like 5-7 mega pixels and LG is supposed to a leading manufacturer of electronics yet they just threw in the crappiest camera possible. I love the touch screen and the adjustable sensitivity or sound to touch options; however I do find sometimes if the desired button so to speak is small its hard to select; and agreed with the size of buttons sometimes i find myself hitting the wrong button or hitting send when i want to hit space or "0". but i look past the slight inconveniences because i do like my phone. A few things i need help with tho is updating my firmware software as apparently mine seems to be out of date because recently downloaded ringtones and graphics although listenable or viewable on the device in their appropriate location are not doing what i purchased them to do. I bought a ringtone to set obviously as a ringtone and it is fully downloaded and not corrupted by any means yet when i try to set it as ringtone i get an error message saying "non-acceptable content" then i went and downloaded a graphic of pretty waterfalls that is apparently a revolver graphic meaning it changes pictures going thru something like 5 different pictures of waterfalls and i cannot set it as my wallpaper which is what it is supposed to do. nor could i set the animated graphic i created on my phone as a wallpaper or atleast i assumed it was intended to be a wallpaper when i created it. So ive been told that perhaps my firmware software is out of date, my current firmaware version is KLMZ-4.0.90201D. I cannot seem to find an available download to update the software yet I can find that there is updatable software available somewhere. Please help me, i would very much like to have some beautiful themes and graphics that are more representative of my personality afterall cellphones have advanced so much that they are designed to be a useful tool that reflects ourselves and our needs. I am not happy with the provided themes and wallpapers as there a very few and they are rather boring. I actually expected this phone to come with a bit more variety of wallpaper graphics and themes for the phone that it had, but i guess everyones out to make a buck and the cell companies make money off selling those things and LG can provide less personalization options and still charge a pretty penny thus increasing their profits by lessening the time and effort necessary for providing more standard personalization options.
Overall I love my phone and will love it more once i can fix these lil setbacks. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
1 Star out of 5

Not what I expected

Reviewed on Wednesday October 14, 2009 by , Mississauga
I purchased the phone in August 2008, since then I have had nothing but trouble. The reception is horrible, I have more dropped calls then completed calls and the phone does not charge as the connection is weak. I have purchansed out of pocket, a new battery and three new LG cords and nothing worked.

I expected quality with LG and I didn't receive that.
1 Star out of 5

Hate it!

Reviewed on Wednesday October 7, 2009 by , Kelowna, BC
I have not even had this phone for six months and I hate it. It drops calls all the time...it barely works with my bluetooth in my vehicle and navigating around the phone is frustrating. I would stay away from the LG Touch and if I wanted a touch would go into the IPhone.
4 Stars out of 5

Still going strong.

Reviewed on Tuesday September 1, 2009 by , Vancouver
OK...last time I posted was on Jan 20. `09. Since that time I have had no real problems with this phone itself. The reception is very good and the sound is also very good. I went to a website where I could fully customize my phone with great themes and apps. lg-vu.com. The ONLY thing I have had an issue with is the texting. I don`t text much, but when I do, I find the QWERTY pad letters are too small, therefore I frequently hit the wrong letters. Maybe my thumbs are too big. The touch screen for everything else works great. But other than that...I find the phone itself is kickass. I still have people ask me what kind of phone I have and are amazed when they see it. The battery life is good. I usually cahrge it once a week. You should ALWAYS let your battery run to empty before you charge it or else it kills the life of it.
My only issue is the qwerty. My next phone will have solid buttons for text.
5 Stars out of 5

Horrible warranty

Reviewed on Tuesday August 4, 2009 by , dryden
This phone has terrible warranty. i bought it and it last about 5months. then they told me it had no warranty and i would have to pay about what i paid for it to fix it.
1 Star out of 5

Worst phone i ever had

Reviewed on Wednesday July 29, 2009 by , Toronto

I have problems with this phone. First of all it keeps
freezing all the time.I have sent back to LG twice and
all they did is master reset and sent back to me.
But the problem still exist and i`m planing to send back to
them again.
(2) Battery life is too short.
(3) Touch screen is too senstive.For example if you are dialing a number and hit 9 and you will see 999 on the screen.
(4)Poor signal.
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday May 27, 2009 by , Melville
Not bad but definately not great. As everyone else has said already, most of the things work nicely on this phone. It is a little short on customizable features such as changing sounds for various things; poor calander; no ability to set your character recognition options for various programs...you have to manualy set them each time if they are not the defaults in each program....and so on. But hey, it's not a Blackberry.

My biggest issue with the phone is the Instant Messaging built in to the phone. After paying Roger's for the feature and calling them repeatedly, the Instant Messenger is virutually useless. I cannot get the messanger to stay on for longer than 2 hours...it always logs off. Pretty much have to first text my wife to turn it back on if we want an open conversation. It won't Auto Sign In when the device wakes up like it supposed to...another inconvienence. And you can't get it to work with a Gmail or Google User ID...nor can you connect to anyone with such an account...come one!

So if you're looking for a cute Blackberry or Iphone replacement and would like Instant Messaging...pass this one up. Spend the extra $10/month and get what you really want. Doesn't look like they have any short term plans on fixing this stuff either. Just my 2 cents.
1 Star out of 5

Its a Lemon

Reviewed on Thursday May 14, 2009 by , Barrie
I've had this phone is Sept/08 and have had much trouble with it. When i sent it into Rogers for repair it came back scratched and they claim it was sent that way. (I know not an LG issue.)
I keep getting odd message errors EX: [Invalid message protocol state] when i try to make phone calls, not all the time does it happen.

When i charge my phone using a car charger it gets VERY HOT! Hot enough it almost burns to touch it. Same if i talk on it for longer then 30 mins at a time.

The touch calibration is very poor i have problems texting on it as it is so slow. The letters are to close for my fingers even though i spaced them out more.

No one can understand me if i put them on speaker phone, very unclear.

I get two bars (if im lucky) in EDGE at my house when everyone i know gets 3 (or more) in 3G when their over.

I honestly hate this phone and am very dissatisfied. I rather my old flip phone from 2000. :(
4 Stars out of 5

Great Phone

Reviewed on Sunday February 8, 2009 by , Vancouver
I've had this phone since September 2008, and I have had no problems with it so far. Some of the cons that other people mentioned do sometimes cause a conflict, but it's extremely rare and not even major enough to call it a conflict. No phone is perfect.

I, personally, love the touch sensitivity of this phone. After using this phone, I HATE using the iPhone because the touch sensitivity SUCKS. Apple products use body heat to direct their touch calibrations which makes it extremely difficult to click small items. However, for the VU, you can use the tips of your fingers or your fingernails to touch even the smallest icons. The screen is very durable and does not scratch easily, so there's no need to worry about scratching the screen with your nails.

The best thing about LG phones is the keyboard method of texting! It is SO incredibly convenient and fast. I have had very little trouble with reception for this phone. It seems to work even when my friends' phones don't. The tiny scroll that somebody mentioned is a little annoying, but like the iPhone, you can just scroll the entire screen down without using the scroll bar. The phone's also capable of using mp3 ringtones, but you must have the file under 300 kb; this part annoys me the most, but I'm just thankful that I can use my own ringtones.

Overall, I'm still very happy with this phone. I love how it's extremely light and I love the sleek design. I'd say it's a very sophisticated phone for both men and women. I would really recommend this phone to anyone looking for a new touch phone.
1 Star out of 5

Having Issues

Reviewed on Tuesday February 3, 2009 by , Ontario
When I first got the device in Sept of 08 I was absolutely in love with the phone, but.............

3 months after I got the phone the reception took a nose dive. Where I was previously in 5 bar 3G coverage not could not get anything but Emergency Calls Only. It constantly drops signal and as well my service provider is refusing to replace it even though the issue is not from abuse. The powercenter that grabs signal is malfunctioning and have made over 25 hours of recorded calls ot get this fixed but I have to be without the device for 14 days and rent a voice only loaner for $50.00 (refundable).

If you see this phone for sale there will be a reason most places GIVE IT AWAY.
4 Stars out of 5

Awsum phone

Reviewed on Sunday January 25, 2009 by , toronto
Im a young kid and i bought this phone and i love it, First of all its just a fun phone to use with lots of opportunity to explore sites and stuff.I personaly use it for the mp3 alot and it has great quality... it could use some more bass in the internal speakers but hey its a phone u can't get everything you want.I recomend this phone to anyone who want's an amusing phone with a good price:)!
4 Stars out of 5

Great phone!!

Reviewed on Tuesday January 20, 2009 by , Vancouver, B.C.
I listen to some of these negative reviews, like Brandon in Ontario and I wonder what they have been drinking.
This phone is fantastic!! I have had it for about a month now, and I love it. Sure, I would like to be able to do some things with my phone that I can`t (like choose what I want on the shortcut menu) Real MINOR stuff. Not everything is PERFECT, but this phone is exactly what I need. By the way, the sound quality is very good, the camera is pretty good, and the touch screen works very good as well. If any one wants a good touch screen phone....this would be a great choice. Some people LOOK for something to complain about, but if they did any research before they bought it, they would be able to find something that suits them.
5 Stars out of 5

I'm lovin' it

Reviewed on Wednesday January 14, 2009 by , newmarket
I really love my phone...I don't care what other people say.
1 Star out of 5

This Phone is The S****

Reviewed on Monday December 15, 2008 by , London On
i dont know where people think these phones are good. i got mine 3 months ago, for the first month, i was either on the phone to technical support or in the [service provider] store everyday. the touch screen is bad. the soyund clairty is bad. if u want a good touch phone, this isnt the phone for you.
2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday December 9, 2008 by , St. Marys, ON
Um a few of you mentioned that you had gotten clear or colored cases/covers for this phone, so that it woudn't get scratched, etc. I was wondering where you purchase these?? [service provider] doesn't appear to sell them, so....??
4 Stars out of 5

Nice phone

Reviewed on Tuesday December 2, 2008 by , toronto
this phone is amazing and u can adjust the sensitvity to like really good love the camera and the features just got it yesterday fun and awesome
5 Stars out of 5

Great phone

Reviewed on Tuesday December 2, 2008 by , Toronto
The three things that i was looking for in a phone is talking clearity, texting capabablity , and mp3 feature.
And the LG VU does all three things perfectly ... everything else is just a bonus...

3 Stars out of 5

Ideas..opinions, anyone?

Reviewed on Friday November 21, 2008 by , St. Marys, ON
Ok i need some advice, NOW!!! :-) I am trying to decide whether to buy the LG shine slider TU720 or this phone...(LG VU TU915) They both look incredibly cool and about equal in value, but I like each for different reasons..I like the fact that the slider has all embedded games, not just demos like the touch-screen, and that it wouldn't be such a issue if u dropped it or not, and that you can text faster with regular keys.But the touch-screen looks so awesome, has a flash camera, and is something more 'different'. It's a simple decision, but PLEASE give me your advice....which would you go for? I need to know SOON!!! Thanks...;-)
4 Stars out of 5

What's the problem?

Reviewed on Friday October 10, 2008 by , Montreal
I just received my new LG yesterday, and after just reading these reviews, I'm wondering what the problem is. All these 'problems' people are complaining about are totally fixable if you just read the manual. I read mine, and I'm having a blast finding out new things about the phone. It has a lot of great features, and I love how lightweight it is. Teh reception is great, I love the QWERTY kewboard, and how it vibes at every touch. At this point, I love it. :)
3 Stars out of 5

Not a great phone at all

Reviewed on Friday September 26, 2008 by , canada
If your in Canada don't buy this phone. this phone sucks big time specially hands free speaker. "No its not clear" touch screen system is not as smooth as the other touch screen phones. even if you want to use other feature of the phone while you are talking, you cant. its just some limited features that you can use. Battery life is really short. Reception is poor. if any body is thinking of buying this phone from Rogers please dont. just ask others who already have this phone. dont go for online reviews, they are nothing more then publicity scams. Trust me.
I am giving it 7 for the slick looks and the light weight and 5 for the features.
4 Stars out of 5

Corrections to other reviews

Reviewed on Wednesday September 24, 2008 by , London
I've had the phone for a while, and was hesitant to buy LG, but this is a good phone. Some other reviews are misleading:

re: touch screen - can be calibrated to adjust for touch

re: ring tunes - you can add computer songs; I have several mp3s added.

I plan to buy skin to protect plastic housing from scratching & wearing.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday September 23, 2008 by , Montreal,Quebec
i just bought the phone today and im very happy with my purchase...u can change the menu from hiding the background.....and you can put more than 2 numbers for each contact! its a great phone!!!!!=)
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday September 13, 2008 by , toronto ontario
its a great a phone
idk wat people say but i like its
its cool but it gets smudgey a bit
so i got a clear white case for it
it makes the phone look better and its great from protecting dirt and stuff
the one thing that i dislike is the menu covers the backround anyone know how to get rid of it?
3 Stars out of 5

7 out of 10

Reviewed on Saturday August 9, 2008 by , Calgary, Alberta
This phone isn't as great as everyone is saying it is. Let me list the problems I have then I'll list the pros of it.

- Touch screen really isn't that sensitive. That can be a problem for those who text fast. Sometimes the keys stick and you might even press the wrong button if you text fast.
- It is made out of very cheap plastic and the back of the phone is all black, so it is very noticeable when scratched and also scratches easily. Luckily, the front of the phone where the touch screen is, does not scratch as easily.
- Battery life is not long, I can only leave it 2 days with normal use of texting and talking and then I have to charge it again.
- Cheap headphones that come with it
- Bluetooth isnt very great, it has a lot of trouble seeking other devices
- Scroll bar doesn't work as great because sometimes you will have trouble trying to find what your looking for with the scroll bar. The scroll bar is very tiny so when your finger is trying to scroll down, it might miss it and you'll end up going too far down.
- Contact list can only hold 2 phone numbers for each person

The really great thing that this phone has that makes it so great is the look and how light it is. Of course it is made out of cheap plastic, it is very light and thin. About half an inch thick.
- Nice big screen especially for those who are signed up for mobile tv
- Bonus tools that some phones might not have: tip calculator, world clock, unit converter, stop watch
- Very attractive look

My biggest issue is the touch sensitivty on the phone and how it affects texting. I suggest to anyone before they buy to go into a store and try the phone out for yourself. It might work out better for others. Good luck!
2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday July 30, 2008 by , Thunder Bay
I saw this phone and i love it so much that i am switching to rogers to get it!! But i wanted to know if you can put Mp3 music files on the phone...and how?(USB...ext) Also i wanted to know if the phone is worth getting? considering the problems i've heard about it. All i want is to use it for texting, music, phone calls, and it's sleek look!!
4 Stars out of 5

Nice phone, needs work on.

Reviewed on Sunday July 27, 2008 by , Canada
I just recently bought this phone and I was happy.
Its a sexy phone, good large touch screen, nice camera, and alot of other nice features such as QWERTY on a touch phone.
There are some disadvantages of this phone which are:
- You CANNOT use a recorded OR a computer places song as a ringtone.
- You do NOT want to drop ANY touchscreen phone
-You cannot place downloaded games on phone unless you buy a memory card.
-Speaker is not too loud but it is VERY clear.
and other minor problems you will face when playing with the phone.
BUT it is a great sexy slim LIGHT (very light) phone that is perfect for anything you need to do with a phone.