Motorola MOTOROKR E8

Motorola MOTOROKR E8 Front View

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August 2008


  • Expandable memory
  • ModeShift technology
  • FastScroll navigation


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3 Stars out of 5

Tested and ...

Reviewed on Monday July 13, 2009 by , Quebec,Canada
All in all this is not such a BAD phone we For the lock/unlock function once again it seems motorolla wasnt so clear once again. If the phone is locked and u press a button a message will display on the screen saying: the phone is locked to unlock the phone please slide the side switch to unlock it. Ive had my cellphone tested by digital wise and non digital wise people and noone was able to figure out how to unlock my phone o.O
My review...motorolla rokr should be considered as a low quality prehistorical iphone so if your looking for an iphone but cant get one or dont want 10 000 possible applications for your phone or you dont want to pay 300$ and over for ur phone get a rokr or an old technology named MP3 player well now its more like MP4 but...
oh and if motorolla reads this you should really fire you marketing team rokr was intended primarly for MUSIC
2 Stars out of 5

Something you should know

Reviewed on Thursday April 30, 2009 by , Okanagan
One thing I found out the hard way after buying this phone is the stunning lack of customization. Every other Motorola I've had you could make the two soft keys and the four direction keys (and the side smart key when they had them) into shortcuts for any program in the phone. This phone however, you not only ONLY have the four directions as shortcuts, but the two softkeys have been locked by the provider. They are NOT "Options" and "Main Menu" as the picture shows, but rather "e-mail" and "Music" and are UNCHANGEABLE. The thing that makes it even more outrageous is that there is a dedicated Music button on the phone, which goes to the Carrier's music program, but the softkey labeled Music ALSO goes to the SAME music program. So they've locked TWO, unchangeable shortcut keys on the keypad to the SAME, provider music program. Terrible, lame, and idiotic. If you need to hysterically paw at your phone until the music program comes up, then this is the phone for you. Who knows how long it will be until the provider releases a phone where EVERY shortcut key has been changed to the provider music program. Lame.