Motorola RAZR V3c Reviews

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The Motorola RAZR V3c has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 13 reviews.

3 Stars out of 5

Don't buy this phone

Reviewed on Friday January 9, 2009 by , Cambridge, Ontario
I have had this phone for 2 months and I went to take a picture and the phone went blank on me it won't turn on or anything. When I called the troubleshooting line they where of no help at all. They couldn't fix anything over the phone they just want the phone back and leave n=me with nothing for 2 to 3 weeks, and then they still couldn't promise me anything. It is a piece of garbage. I wouldn't even give it a star.
4 Stars out of 5

beau telephone

Reviewed on Friday March 14, 2008 by , montreal
Esthetique reussie, sans plus. Il est beau et mince. J'ai pas des doigts si gros et je me reprend sans arret parce que les boutons embarque les uns sur les autres. Pas fort.

Le telephone est trop large, se tient pas si bien meme si il est mince. Autonomie en attente est satisfaisante, en fonction c'est faible.

Bonne qualité audio de l'appareil, apres quelques chute sur le sol, aucun signe de quoi que ce soit. Meme si le couvert de batterie s'etait detaché dans la chute. Il est resistant.
2 Stars out of 5

Battery Life Suck

Reviewed on Monday July 23, 2007 by , Toronto
8 days on stand-by who are they kidding.
Try 1 and a half days. The battery life is
terrible. If you only have your phone on
for 1hr a day you might get 8 days out of it.
I recently tried to buy a Razor the sales
person wouldn't sell me one because of the
poor battery life.
Hope yours works better than my wife's.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday July 5, 2007 by , ON, Canada
I have had this phone for a little under a year and I HATE it!

*Loud Ringers
*Lots of contact entry space

*IT BROKE IN HALF!! A corner of my phone broke off n then it just snaped in half when i opened it! i was sooo devistated!
*I am now on my second charger ANDD battery for the phone
*When i go to send pictures to my online album they stay in my outbox and i canttt delete them
*Its constantly freezing
*The 8 and circle in the keypad has fallen off
*Does not connect to my bluetooth
*I hatee the sound it makes when you go to take a picture.. so LOUD and annoying
*So slow too
*Constantly sending and recieving duplicate text messages(when they actually go through
*Sometimes my phone would ring and the screen would be black and i wouldnt know who was calling
*Alarms in callender doesnt work
*Video clips only 10-15seconds long
*When sending pictures to the online album it sent the same picture literallt 20 times!
*The back part that protects the battery doesnt stay on
*Backlight to keypad doesnt always light up
*Takes 5 years to call connect
*When Im in a call and i get another call coming in(call waiting) there are 2 options; answer and ignore... when i click ignore it doesnt ignore the call bcuz the phone keepes beeping and doesnt go to voicemail for called.. so that function simply doesnt work
...i could go on foreverrrrr buh im done venting now!
..time to pick a new phone, bcuz u kno, mine broke in half!!
3 Stars out of 5

The Motorola Razr

Reviewed on Saturday June 23, 2007 by , maple ridge
Overall this is a great phone. It has a variety of options on it. but is not complacated. The font is not to big, or too small. It's also handy, and can fit in tight areas becuase the razr is flat. I would recommend not to use this phone on a construction site. The thin flatted buttons attract dust or any kind of mortar very easy.
1 Star out of 5

Kinda Sucks

Reviewed on Thursday March 29, 2007 by , Barrie Ontario Canada
WEll I have had my phone for just over a year now and the screen has something wrong with it and no i did not drop it and a friend of mine has the same problem and the number pad just started to stick and also there are pictures on my text messaging outbox that will not delete and they are not locked but the phone says it is some crazy stuff with this phone I would say I would not ever tell anyone to buy this phone
4 Stars out of 5

i like it

Reviewed on Sunday March 4, 2007 by , B.C, canada
i really enjoyed the options of this phone, i had the computer software and it made it really easy to transfer photos and make ringtones, i had some problems with the razor such as keys dieing and unfortunatly this phone is not a real mp3 player it can only hold up to about 12 songs... i really liked the sleek look and that the buttons were on the top half of the phone cause then i was never pushing buttons as i spoke to people, getting used to my new phone is very difficult although my new phone is sapose to be higher technology with the expandable memory and such i still miss my razor....
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday November 16, 2006 by , Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kay so when i saw that this phone was comming out i was like omg i have to get it. .and i did and its freaking AMAZING, TOTALLY worth the asking price, like you have no idea AMAZING! like unerline that word like 700 times, its that good. it has amazing clear footage for pictures and i find it just awesome!
so seriously, get one, and parents if your kid wants one lol get it for them! its amazing and its also the strongest and most durable phone i've ever had even though its so thin!
5 Stars out of 5

great phone

Reviewed on Monday August 7, 2006 by , leduc
super duper phone great reception battery not the greatest but will last 2 days and chatges fast feels very well built stronger than any other phone i have used,has everything i would ever want and more
2 Stars out of 5

Defective Battery

Reviewed on Tuesday August 1, 2006 by , Barrie, Ontario
I have had this phone for over a month now and I have had problems since day one. I've been meaning to take it in to get repaired but I can never find the spare time. Anyways, reception where i'm from is great - the only problem I had with this phone was that it dies every 9 hours or so. I called into the Bell store where I purchased it and they say its probably a defective battery. Another thing that I found was that I couldn't get my pictures off the phone onto my PC - apparently you need software for this, can someone correct me if im wrong. All in all, this is a great phone, but because its so popular there is bound to be a rough phone in each "batch" and unfortunately I got one of them. I've really been thinking about trading my phone in to get one of those 10-4 phones, but hopefully I can get it fixed in time!!
5 Stars out of 5

motorola v3c

Reviewed on Sunday June 4, 2006 by , montreal
moi j'ai ce telephone et je l'aime bien c est un bon appareil
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday April 19, 2006 by , Canada
hey id like to let you know, this phone is worth more than the set price! it has everything i need...with exceptions of very few features! i would definitely recommend this to you! BUY ONE NOW!
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday January 31, 2006 by , London, ONtario
problems with the USB charger sometimes not working and giving a charge,
also the buttons on the side of the phone are on the wrong side, they are on the top of the flip, not the bottom.

reception has no external anntenna so its so so.