Motorola T731C

Motorola T731C Front View

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October 2003


  • 1X Ready
  • External LCD
  • Voice-activated dialing


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2 Stars out of 5

Phone Review

Reviewed on Saturday May 28, 2005 by , Ashland, Oregon
Even though this phone looks good on the outside, it's just a mask hiding the true fact about this phone. When having a conversation you can bairly hear the other person on the phone. It has okay reception but it is really hard to charge. I have to really shove the charger into the phone just for it to work. I have only had the phone for 1 1/2 years and already it is broken. It is no longer connected on one side of the hinges making it almost impossible to talk on the phone. That is why i am getting a new phone and getting rid of this one. It doesn't have vary many features either.
5 Stars out of 5

Motorola T731c

Reviewed on Friday April 29, 2005 by , Sherwood Park, AB
I find the Motorola T731c a tremendous Cellphone with several benefits with accessories. The T731c provides great reception and has excellent benefits with the Motorola Handsfree Original Retractable Self Install Car Kit, the Data Kit with the Velocity High Speed Internet offers a great tool to connect your laptop and this would provided speeds upto 240kps. The T731c also provides a great benefit with the Phone Book, Calendar, Ringtone features. I am a IT/Telecom Systems Analyst and have setup many cellular products for users with Telus Mobility and Rogers Wireless. I have put the Motorola T731c product into a 105 users and would highly recommend the product.
1 Star out of 5

Poor Phone

Reviewed on Tuesday February 15, 2005 by , Iowa
I rate this phone as poor. Problems with the battery holding a charge seems to be common with this phone. I had both the phone and the battery replaced, and the problem remained.
From the specs page:
Estimated talk time: up to 180 minutes- Not even close
Estimated standby time: up to 6 days- Again, not even close
1 Star out of 5

Phone Review

Reviewed on Wednesday January 5, 2005 by , Morgantown, WV
I don't think this phone is worth buying, honestly. I had to take the first one back because of battery chraging problems. The battery doesn't hold as long as specified. It's also hard to hear other people if there's even a little bit of background noise. Also, the vibrating alert isn't that great. Most of the time, I can't feel the phone vibrate, and I miss the call. I'm having problems with the headset on this one. It is nice for the fact that it's slim and small. It also has good looks, but that's it.