Motorola V220

Motorola V220 Front View


June 2004


  • Quad-Band World Phone
  • Colour Screen
  • Integrated Digital Camera
  • Picture Messaging


Latest Reviews

2 Stars out of 5

Suckiest phone ever!

Reviewed on Tuesday September 18, 2007 by , Toronto
So the motorola V220 was my first cell phone. I still have it and in December it will be 3 years since I got it. When I first got it, I loved it. Now, I wanna break it into little pieces. I know I'm basically repeating what everyone else mentioned in their complaints, but hey, I wanna rant about this phone too. The reception sucks, the phone cuts off in the middle of calls and stays off, or it freezes up for a good 5 minutes. On top of that, my camera isn't working at all anymore, I press the camera option and the screen turns black and resumes to the main screen. I've been putting it to charge and it won't even charge properly anymore, so now my phone always says, "low battery" which is really annoying. Oh yeah and it does that thing, when u plug it into charge, it puts the phone on loud, like if I want the phone to be "loud" I can change it myself. I just want a new phone and fast, and my second phone, or any of my future phones for that matter, will not be a Motorola!!
3 Stars out of 5

mp3 music?

Reviewed on Thursday November 10, 2005 by , canada
i have this phone... had it for almost a year... no problems at all.. i was wondering though how i can use mp3s and put them in my phone
2 Stars out of 5

A Piece of Junk!

Reviewed on Wednesday November 9, 2005 by , Oakville
This is my 3rd Motorola phone they have all had major software problems and this one is no exception. I purchased this phone in Nov/04 and it worked well for the first 6 months aside from the speaker phone that buzzes, and the on again off again reception... those things were never up to par. However, over the last 6 months the phone has been freezing up in the middle of text messaging and most recently it freezes in the middle of calls which means that you cannot end the call or turn the phone off for that matter.

Total hassle through Rogers to get the phone upgraded... luckily I'm still within the 1 year factory warranty period. By the way I also had the opportunity to test a Motorola V551 for the last 2 weeks... another piece of junk! Drops calls every 2 mins. I guess I never learn my lesson because recently I ordered another Motorola product the Razr. I'm waiting to get this one. Call me an eternal optimist, but a phone in this price range has to be worth it's salt right?
2 Stars out of 5

The V220 Sucks

Reviewed on Thursday October 20, 2005 by , Burlington, Ontario
I have had the Motorola V220 since December 2004 and it worked fine for the first few months. However since the summer of 2005 it has been dropping calls or when people try to call me the line goes instantly busy and then shuts off. I took it into Rogers in September and it took a month for them to fix it or so they claim! I have it back and it is still doing the same thing. Rogers will not provide me a new phone unless I am willing to pay a significant amount of money which is not right!