Motorola V265 Reviews

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The Motorola V265 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

4 Stars out of 5

Fait la job

Reviewed on Sunday January 21, 2007 by , 2 ans
Ce cellulaire est fonctionnel et répond à mes attentes. parconte, je trouve que l,accès internet et certains outils sont très dur à comprendre ou à trouver. Pour le reste, il est parfait.
1 Star out of 5

Buyers Beware

Reviewed on Saturday December 9, 2006 by , Montreal
Not a fan of this phone at all. I had this phone for 10 months when the screen would go blank, the phone would shut itself off and then turn back on by itself when i would open the phone. Then it started doing that in the middle of conversations. Telus replaced it, and the whole screen thing started again...also, the battery life is nothing to compliment...
5 Stars out of 5

Motorola Beats All Others For Performance and Simplicity

Reviewed on Thursday May 25, 2006 by , Toronto
The Motorola V265 has a nice cool silver and black apperance, which in my opinion is way better than the plain old silver look LG and Samsung strangely admire. An external reverse LCD (white on black instead of black on white) provides all the necessary phone information you need to know, including signal strength, coverage status, time of day, battery life, and caller ID if available.
On the inside, you'll find a small, but readable 65K CSTN colour display. It's a bit slow and ghosty due to it being a CSTN rather than a TFT, but for a mobile phone, it's acceptable. The keypad is nicely spaced out, but the top soft keys and menu key are a tad too small. A nice, soft blue blacklight illuminates the keybad in dark environments; in bright environments, it automatically disables itself.
Motorola's menu interface is by far one of the best, very simple and intuitive - I don't understand why Samsung and LG make their menu systems so complex. Even if you don't choose to read the manual (but i recommend you do), I'm pretty confident you'll be navigating the menus easily within a short period of time.
The 0.3 MP digital camera takes pretty good images, although the colours are a bit washed out, but nonetheless clear.
Call quality and signal strength are both excellent. Callers can barely notice I'm on a mobile phone, and this phone gets signal in places where my friends' LG and Samsung all show up "No Service".
Battery life is average, but could be better. On average, with normal use (a few short phone calls per day, phone constantly on), I'll find myself charging the phone about every two days.
Overall, Motorola has done it again with the V265, bringing the customer what they want most out of a wireless communication product: Performance and Simplicity. I would definitely recommend this to any Client.
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday January 7, 2006 by , ottawa ont.
first off i dont not see why someone would want to treat their phone as a bric...:S but to me the phone is fine im more of a social butterfly so i am constantly on the phone and i find no problems with the batterie i havent charged the phone in 2 days n its only now just on its last bar i guess this is more of a feminin phone the only time i would think of treating it as a brick is when my x boy friend says somthing stupid... i like this phone alot its cute and compact n pritty simple to understand im not into the big technology phones with movies n what not once again to me the phone is fine...
2 Stars out of 5

Battery life extremely poor - wouldn't buy again

Reviewed on Friday October 14, 2005 by , Calgary, AB Canada
I've had a lot of phones in the past 13 years. I used to sell them, and later on, I worked for a Cellular provider.

This phone is one of the worst I've used for battery life. Advertised 6 days standby - I can't get even one. I only get 18 hours - so keep that car charger handy.

I did not want a flip phone, I just wanted a brick that worked with a keypad that would be useful to dial while driving, but Telus offered models that did not meet my needs. I chose this phone based on the tactility of the keyboard and selected it over the v262 as it appeared from the specs I read that the voice capability was more advanced. It ends up that the source page I was using as a reference was in error (and updated shortly after I bought the phone). These phones are virtually identical, and the v262 has a larger battery as well as a rubberized case to avoid the "slippery egg" aka hot potato syndrome.

I had two major issues with this phone which prompted me to send it for service - 1. Wiggling the flip turned the phone off/on or disconnected calls 2. Battery life and charging issues - 18 hours is definitely not sufficient for a brand new product that should have state of the art power management.

-Voice dialing *is* exceptional, but entering data into the contacts is not.
-The manual is helpful, but not detailed enough. i.e. if you are left-handed OR on headphone, you disconnect callers if you press the wrong button on the side.
-It often reports "Unable to Charge" and seldom says "Charge Complete" even after being repaired
-The charging indicator fails to flash or indicate any activity whatsoever (again even after being repaired)
-if you activate the backlight for the external screen to see the time, it lights the main screen inside the closed phone - how is that good battery management?

Friends and family with the v60 model were what convinced me that Motorola had redeemed itself in the quality cellular products arena after the bullet-proof "Brick" and StarTAC models were removed from production.

I just want a phone that makes and receives calls and voicemail reliably. I don't feel confident with this model that Motorola has lived up to it's reputation to provide that.

I'm not a princess who requires a tiny phone, I didn't really want a flip - give me a StarTAC with a new battery and I'll be a happy camper.

The only reason I'll give this phone a bonus star is because of the voice recognition.