Motorola V361 Reviews

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The Motorola V361 has an average user review score of 5 Stars out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

Love it!

Reviewed on Sunday February 15, 2009 by , Brampton, ontario
i love this phone, im in highschool and i dont like to take my ipod to school because i dont want it to get stolen

this phone is awesome because its a phone and media player all in one. with the headset it comes with its perfect for music and still being able to hear calls or text messages

this phone is great because it has a micro sd slot, which is good for storing pictures music and putting games downloaded onto for storage

overall this phone is awesome and i recommend you buy it!

5 STARS * :)
5 Stars out of 5

V361 Camera Phone

Reviewed on Tuesday October 31, 2006 by , Niagara Region
Blue Keypad light or is it the typical white light keypad?
Anyone out their knows about the white light pad, I would love to know also anyone know love to change to blue color ,beside that so far so good just bought this phone yesterday and love the normal ring tones ,super ,lots to do with this phone and can add more with the Flash card so fat so good let you all know how it goes my hubby has the V551 another super phone,and the clarity on both these phones is really really good ,just make sure you let the battery drain first to recharge it as the batterty will work alot longer ,also are their no skins for this phone if so how do you change them,all in all a really good phone I love it so far ps the booklet helps you out alot could not find alot of revies on theis phone ,assuming it s new on the market ???
Cheers everyone
5 Stars out of 5

Does this phone....

Reviewed on Saturday June 3, 2006 by , Toronto
This is one sweet looking phone.
I just wanna know one thing.... does this phone have a Blue Keypad light or is it the typical white light keypad?