Panasonic TX310 Reviews

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The Panasonic TX310 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

2 Stars out of 5

eventual disappointment

Reviewed on Wednesday April 21, 2004 by , Ontario
I have had this phone now for a little over a year, I have had Motorola and Nokia cell phones in the past and after the bad taste the sucky Nokia's put in my mouth I was elated to find Panasonic made cell phones! for the 1st 6 months it worked well enough, although I find the voice recognition doesn't work 99% of the time, after that it went rapidly downhill. I don't use my cell a ton, maybe 150 minutes a month, if that and I only charge it after it tells me it needs it, even though with a lithium ion battery memory should not be an issue but after the 6th month this thing will not let me get in more than 10 minutes of talk time and about 10 or 12 hours of standy, a far cry from the claims by Panasonic, whom I still wholeheartdely endorse for all their OTHER products. At this point the battery is bad and now the screen is starting to not work all the time, and the earpiece has intermittent sound, I never thought anything could be as bad as a Nokia 5160 or 6160 but this has fallen into the same category.

if you are a person who uses a cell phone alot and gets new ones every year this phone although at the end of it's lifecycle would be adequate BUT if you prefer to keep your phones for a while I do not recommend this one.
3 Stars out of 5

Was good for the first year

Reviewed on Monday January 26, 2004 by , Dartmouth
I love my little phone but after only using it for one year my battery life is very poor. Great phone if the battery was better.
2 Stars out of 5

OK, but some faults

Reviewed on Thursday December 11, 2003 by , GTA
Both my wife and I have had this phone for almost a year now. While I like its size and light weight, there are some serious problems that detract from my overall use.

1. The speaker isn't all that good. I find that it is often difficult to hear the other person when making a call. This is especially a problem when there is ANY background noise.

2. Voice Commands. The claim is that you can use voice commands to make calls. It just never works!!! So irritating. It's only luck when a voice generated call actually works.

3. Battery. It needs a more powerful, longlasting battery. My wife is going crazy because the phone just won't hold a charge for any length of time after one year of use.

4. Accessing the telephone list is cumbersome - you have to go through all sorts of menus and use different buttons. It can be very frustrating.

There are lots of great phones out there. I wouldn't recommend this one.
4 Stars out of 5

Just what I wanted

Reviewed on Wednesday November 12, 2003 by , B.C.
I had a Nokia, that was always dropping calls in certain areas and never worked in concrete buildings. Well, the sales clerk at AT&T recommended the Panasonic TX 310 and she was absolutely right. I immediately went to our local indoor pool which is notorious for not allowing cell phone calls in or out and I didn't have a problem at all, it called out and received calls. Leaving the digital area and heading out into the analog region where I live, it also doesn't drop those calls either. I think this phone is wonderful.
1 Star out of 5

Panasonic TX 310

Reviewed on Thursday June 12, 2003 by , Langley, Canada
I bought this phone when it first came out but the phone drops calls sometime and the next day tells you've missed a call, text message or voice message, the weight is very light, which is a plus and the colors are cool too,I won't really recommend this phone for the price that you pay
5 Stars out of 5

Great for the price

Reviewed on Tuesday May 27, 2003 by , PA
I bought this when it first came out. Its so light and small you can carry it in any pocket. It gets excellent reception and great standby time. Talk time is a bit limited. Highly recommended. The color changing face rules too!