Pantech C3 Reviews

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The Pantech C3 has an average user review score of 4 Stars out of 5 based on 9 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

I love it still

Reviewed on Wednesday December 4, 2013 by , Barrie, Ontario
I bought you Pantech C3 flip phone in 2007 and still love it and it is still performing with no problems.

Can I get another when I finally need it?

I will tell anyone what a wonderful product it is.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday June 28, 2012 by , Milton, Ontario
Bought the phone 5 yrs ago as a emergency phone. Sort of a hello, help, goodbye.Fantastic phone. Reliable. Easy to use.Light weight. I do have a black berry for business but this is fantastic for quickee calls. Battery lasts almost a week before charging.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday February 28, 2011 by , Ontario, Canada, Earth
I've had this phone for 3 years and I've experience absolutely no problems with it. I plan to have it for as long as I live.

My favorite part of owning this phone is that when I first got it it was the smallest phone in the world and everyone was amazed at how small it was when I would whip it out and would want to see it and I got a lot of compliments on it. lol
2 Stars out of 5

Good at first, horrible after a while.

Reviewed on Wednesday April 9, 2008 by , Toronto
At first i loved this phone, it was so small! And it even came with a pink faceplate. But after about 6 months of having it, the connection has turned horrible and the phone freezes all the time when im talking on it. Even though its a really cute phone, don't buy it.
4 Stars out of 5

Excellent phone!!

Reviewed on Wednesday July 18, 2007 by , Surrey, BC
My wife love this phone and even if this phone is so small for a guy with big hands but those of new thin flip cell phones are harder to open. The button are big enough for me and build quality was excellent. The flash is nice but too weak for photo shot but flash light function is more useful and menu and features are good enough and easy to learn. I was hoping to get C3b(with bluetooth) but not available in Canada. This is great for lady who just want basic phone! The Screen is little small for playing game but good enough for taking picture.
1 Star out of 5

Rogers Pantech C3

Reviewed on Thursday June 14, 2007 by , London, Ont
I'm thinking on getting this phone and was wondering how good is the battery life? Thanks :)
4 Stars out of 5

pactech c3

Reviewed on Friday April 6, 2007 by , kanata
A phone you can take everywhere! With cell phones size, styling and features are everything. Is that Pantech or pancake?
4 Stars out of 5

Love My Pantech C3

Reviewed on Tuesday March 20, 2007 by , Barrie, Ontario Canada
Have my Pantech C3 for 2 months now and love it. The size is perfect as I carry a very small purse, and it fits! I have no trouble hearing it ring when shopping in a mall which I did with my old phone. The sound when conversing with someone is very clear.

I love the reaction from other people when I take it out to use. Women literally vibrate when they see it. I love the camera. Have been able to take great pictures even of my dog when moving because of the multi shutter. The phone is easy to navigate and the size of the keys are just right.
5 Stars out of 5

bob's review

Reviewed on Friday March 16, 2007 by , bobville
The new "spy" phone by Pantech is AMAZING. It truly is the worlds smallest camera phone! So sleek and stylish at the same time with no compromise to performance. And I know a thing or two about performance. A friend of mine bought the phone last week and It comes in silver and has a removable pink face plate. I hear you can get it in all kinds of colors. I was a little leary about purchasing it at first because i had no experience with "pantech" before. Turns out this is the BEST phone i have ever had. It has terrific reception and is so user friendly.
cheer to all