Sony Ericsson K850i Reviews

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The Sony Ericsson K850i has an average user review score of 2 Stars out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

I like it

Reviewed on Sunday November 21, 2010 by , Thunder Bay
Over the years, i have had many phones. This is one of my favorite phones. I like the form of touch screen. If you like taking a quality picture, it's great. The speaker is loud and clear to hear your ring tone or music. There is so much you can do with this phone. I upgraded to a sony ericcson xperia x10. It has a 8.1 mp camera which is garbage compared to this phone. I can't even hear my new phone ring. You will really like this one. I kept this phone and am seriously thinking about going back to it. And oh ya, the video phone is awesome on this phone. You can see anther person if they have video calling on their phone too.
1 Star out of 5

The worst phone Ive ever owned.

Reviewed on Monday September 13, 2010 by , Duncan B.C
I was only over the warranty period for a week when my phone started acting up.I own a business , not a good thing when you phone turns itself off all the time , also while going through the screens , it was extra sensitive and always skipped ahead an extra screen. Glitch with software I was told and so I waited 6 weeks to get it back. The day I got it back the phone continued to act glitchy as if it were never fixed.My phone is brand new and yet it hides inside my desk draw ,..junk.
1 Star out of 5

Not my type of Phone

Reviewed on Wednesday August 6, 2008 by , Montreal
This phone was dropped off by UPS 8 hours ago. Have been trying to figure it out for about 4hours. The black piano finish is the worst thing to keep clean. The small keypad is unbelievable. Will be packaging this phone up and go back to my Motorola Razor at least that I can get in my pocket. This phone is something you have to carry around. Wouldn't fit in my pocket.

I don't recommend this phone!
1 Star out of 5

Avoid this phone!

Reviewed on Saturday July 19, 2008 by , Canada
I have purchased this phone in May 2008. My initial experience was good. After two weeks the phone was not charging. After sending it for repair it was determined that there is "liquid demage" and will not be covered by the warranty. I do not recall the phone being in contact with any liquid (maybe fog or rain drop?).
I have purchased an external charger and additional batteries. The phone worked for a few weeks than went completely blank. At this point a am using my old phone.

I do not recommend this phone to anyone.