Sony Ericsson Naite Reviews

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The Sony Ericsson Naite has an average user review score of 4 Stars out of 5 based on 1 review.

4 Stars out of 5

it's not bad

Reviewed on Tuesday November 30, 2010 by , vancouver
-small phone fits in your pocket (really thin)
-high resolution screen
-big screen
-great quality camera for a phone
-great sound
-relatively fast response time in sending messages and opening and closing applications

-the keys are so cram together
-no gap between keys
-can't customize the top two short cut keys: must it be internet? i guess it's tailored to people who surfs the web
-headphone: huge bud
-charger and headpohone in/output is really slow: sometimes have to unplug and plug again for the phone to recgonize the device/charger