Sony Ericsson P800

Sony Ericsson P800 Front View

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September 2002


  • Integrated Smart Phone and PDA
  • Built-in Digital Camera
  • Colour Screen
  • Picture Phonebook


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3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday January 25, 2004 by , laval, quebec

I just bought a P800 yesterday to try replacing a Bell cell phone, a Fido Cell phone (for France), and my PDA Toshiba E330, in one unit.

Most things seem to be working well and I think it might worth the 1000$ I just paid for it.

The only thing that I am questionning right now is its ability to surf properly and the power of the navigator. So far, I have been unable to use a few common sites well, like mapquest, outlook exchange, etc..

I would be curious to get other comments.

So far, I can say that this is the kind of tool every person travelling in europe is looking for as long as I can get over the web browser limitations.