Sony Ericsson Z200

Sony Ericsson Z200 Front View


March 2004


Latest Reviews

2 Stars out of 5

don't be deceived by its good looks

Reviewed on Tuesday November 30, 2004 by , frankfurt
for sure it looks cool. in fact, i had my eyes on this phone for months and i really fell in love with its looks. But when I finally got it two weeks, i returned it back to the store just after 3 days because it was so inferior. Poor reception, poor battery life (stand by was even less than a day!). Didn't bother asking Fido for repair, warranty because the phone sucks. Very slow transition, loads very slowly that it just became a total annoyance. I really feel sorry for this phone because it does really look good.
5 Stars out of 5

Not so bad

Reviewed on Tuesday November 16, 2004 by , Toronto
Hey after giving it enough thought, I bought it last week. I didn't have any signal drops. It seems to be a pretty good phone with reasonable price. Its pretty basic. After merging with Rogers, Fido has got better coverage now. The only bad side of it is the low ringer and speaker volume. But not as bad when it starts to bother you. For $75, I am more than happy.
4 Stars out of 5

Better than 1100

Reviewed on Tuesday October 19, 2004 by , australia
I got this phone to replace my nokia 1100, and let me tell you, i only had my 1100 for 6 months and i was already sick of it by 2 months. When i got my SE Z200, i was so pleased with it, and still am. Thank you to everyone who wrote reviews to help me with my decision to get one, and yes, i agree with all the negative comments, but you all make out that the negative features are a big issue. Slow texting, slow menu, 3 day battery, no camera, mms and blutooth. Them problems have never worried me too much. So to everyone considering getting one, go for it, and don't let the negative comments phase you, because they are not a big deal.
2 Stars out of 5

This phone sucks!

Reviewed on Thursday September 2, 2004 by , Montreal QC
This phone has really bad reception and cuts off calls. It doesn't work in my house, or at the shopping center and all the ring tones are pretty weird. Don't buy it. My old nokia was much better.