Huawei E5377 Mobile Wi-Fi

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Canada: Videotron


February 2015


  • LTE Cat4
  • 1.45" screen
  • Mobile Wi-Fi
  • Up to 150 Mbps
  • Up to 10 Wi-Fi devices


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3 Stars out of 5

For very light use is ok

Reviewed on Thursday March 3, 2016 by , Latvia
Mine lasted for 2 hours and I downloaded 1GB...
What 6 hours and 10 users they talking at specification I have no Idea... Another problem is overheating, when battery was dead I connected to charger, it worked for 10 minutes and went off, saying that it is overheated, I solved that by taking back cover off and turning battery upwards... However about communication capabilities I only can say good things, easily can reach 2mbps download speed and 1mbps upload, tested at car as passenger, putted on front panel and with laptop worked without any disruption, without antenna of course...