Samsung A460 Reviews

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The Samsung A460 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 17 reviews.

1 Star out of 5

a460 sucks

Reviewed on Monday May 23, 2005 by , PA
don't touch this phone. the display will *DEFINITELY* stop working after a year or so.
1 Star out of 5

Engineered Obsolescence

Reviewed on Friday March 11, 2005 by , Toronto
I am convinced that this phone is designed to malfunction within days or weeks of the warranty period. The screen died on the first one about 1 week after the warranty period. I've had the second one for just over 1 year. It has started to shut itself off [with fully charged battery randomly about 3 or 4 times a day]. I need a phone that stays on. Unreliable.
3 Stars out of 5

Response to dude from Montreal

Reviewed on Monday November 15, 2004 by , Canada
Not a review for the phone, sorry. Just wanted to respond to what the dude below said:

SPH A460
Reviewer: Azura, Montreal
Date Reviewed: November 25, 2003

Scroll down to read his review. He said, "Why anyone would want the hockey night in Canada song to play as a ringer is beyond me" Well, I'll tell you why. It's a catchy tune, it is patriotic (something many Canadians could learn from our friends to the south), and it's a great conversation piece while travelling. Ever been in a foreign place and wonder if there were any fellow Canadians? Well, just ring that phone and they'll be introducing themselves to ya! Anyway, everyone's entitled to their own opinion, so this was just mine. Oh, by the way, why anyone would want just a simple ring, ring, is beyond me too.
1 Star out of 5

This phone is a piece of ...

Reviewed on Sunday October 31, 2004 by , USA
Please do not buy this phone, or even take it with a free offer. It is a nice, small, compact, piece of junk. Drops calls, doesn't ring, screen doesn't have a long lifespan. However, it is a great phone if you don't really need a cell phone, my 1 year old loves to play with it now, that's all it's good for. I'd take two empty soup cans tied together with a string before I ever use this thing again.
Please learn from my experience. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHONE.
1 Star out of 5

Look at all the reviews, don't buy

Reviewed on Monday October 25, 2004 by , Liberty Lake
I have seen all the reviews, they say not to buy.. you may ask why, simple reason is -- display went blank after 1 year of using it.

Pros-- pretty slick, has some pretty basic useful things

Cons - It doesn't have a speaker, it doesn't have vibrate and then ring feature and eventually your screen goes blank, you can't even retrieve the numbers from the phone (back-up your numbers somewhere).

It is not worth it.
2 Stars out of 5

So-so phone

Reviewed on Monday October 18, 2004 by , Montreal
Worked all-right for 1.5 years.
Reception not the greatest (sometimes 3 bars but person at other end can't hear me properly).
Now internal display went blank. Several collegues had the same problem after about same amount of time.
I don't recommend purchasing this model.
4 Stars out of 5

Good and Bad

Reviewed on Saturday October 2, 2004 by , Surrey, BC
This phone is good. I like the alarm clock. You can set alarm on three different times. Overall good features. Reception is excellent compared to other phones I have had, from Nokia to Motorola, etc. One thing about this phone is the display. In less than a year my display didn't display (screen was blank). Got it fixed and worked fine for 6 months and then display was gone again. If you have warrenty then buy this phone otherwise be ready to cut your call display ID from the phone after few months because you won't see whos calling you anyways. I recommend this phone.
4 Stars out of 5

My first cell - nothing else to compare

Reviewed on Wednesday September 29, 2004 by , Nova Scotia
This is my first cell phone, and I've had it nine months. Overall, I'm satisfied, but I do have a few qualms.

#1 - This phone is TOO QUIET... I've missed many a call because I couldn't hear it ring. Thus, I keep it on vibrate at all times.

#2 - Crummy ringtones. Compared with my friends' cells, this one is seriously lacking in this respect.

Otherwise I'm quite satisfied. I've never (knock on wood!) had any technical problems with this cell.
3 Stars out of 5

Wait for next version...

Reviewed on Thursday September 2, 2004 by , Montreal, Quebec
My phone is like 2 years old now.

Good reception, that on top caller id feature is a must. Display could be in color. Reception is above average.

Display isn't working anymore... or randomly does. A lot of frustated people around that design flaw. Now this is a phone perfect for a blind person.

I wish Samsung did a mix between 460 and 660 for future product...

4 Stars out of 5

Phone of Pros -and- Cons

Reviewed on Saturday July 10, 2004 by , Maryland
Before I got this phone, or before I get any product I have no clue about, I read the reviews. After browsing through different websites and reading different reviews, I have come to the conclusion that when I recieve this phone, I will see if these experiences are true. Some of them were, and some weren't. First off, after extended use this phone does tend to heat up. No big deal, but it is noticeable. The ringtones are NOT quiet, they are proficient. Battery life is passable, and does stay on a little shy of 160 hours if charged correctly. It is a very pretty phone, and the buttons are luminated awesomely. The screen-savers are kind of lame, unless you don't have an actual life, you will like them. You can amuse yourself by staring at a panda bear just walking. And walking..and walking.. Or you can look at a dog in some overly decorated place being annoyed by fleas or something. Or you can look at race cars whose bodys turn left, but the car still goes straight. Or you can be like me, and not bother and put up a display of clouds and stars with the time under it. The calculator is a bit confusing. The games are strategic, except "Spider Hunter". That game is just plain stupid. Push Push makes you think, and Fly Ribbon keeps you on your toes. The phone book is easy to use, but takes a while to get used to. It asks for the number before it asks for the name (?). The structure of the phone is a bit flimsy. I don't mean like the phone will fall apart, I mean the plastic casing is very scratchable and won't sustain shininess for over a week. Overall, this phone is great for someone who likes "Good Enough".
4 Stars out of 5

Good Phone with design fault

Reviewed on Tuesday May 18, 2004 by , Mississauga
PROs: Nice features. Sexy back light. Good reception.

CONs: Faulty display interface/power control design.
Ring tone to soft even with standard ring styles.

Brought it in January 2003 display failed in May 2003.
Warranty fixed, display fail again in early May 2004.
1 Star out of 5

it stinks

Reviewed on Thursday April 29, 2004 by , canada
my brotherly advice please don't waste your money buying this phone. the display will definitely fail. samsung should have spent more in warranty services than they earned selling this phone. it doesn't even last a year.
3 Stars out of 5

SPH A460

Reviewed on Tuesday November 25, 2003 by , Montreal
I have had this phone for about 2 months now. So far this is what I have found using it.
Reception is good 90% of the time but I think this has more to do with bell than the phone. The form factor is very slick and smooth. It looks like it would be sturdy but in fact it's made of plastic that wares down very fast. It also scratches very quickly in day to day use. The phone has a semi solid feel and is just the right weight.
The OS for the phone is a little clunky. It has quiet a few bugs. One big bug occurs when you switch off the phone and turn it back on. From some reason it switches to French. I am told this only happens in Quebec but it's a pain since I am English.
The display is very good and easy to read. The screensavers are just plain weird: A walking panda, a cartoon with a race car and one with a dog sleeping in a wind storm?! This phone suffers from a major lack of cool.
The ringer, as yes. I don't know why all Samsungs have such wimpy ringers. Do yourself a favor and turn on the vibrate mode. The ringer is very hard to hear in any situation except a very quiet room.
Speaking of ringers you can download new ones via bell along with screensavers. The ring tones are not worth your time since they sound like crappy GM midi files and you pay for almost all of them. Why anyone would want the hockey night in Canada song to play as a ringer is beyond me. A simple RING-RING would have been nice but the ringers that come with the phone are very fruity. Even my girlfriend says they sound like tinker bell lives in my phone.
Itís also way to low in volume to hear. If I am in another room I never hear my phone no matter how loud I set it.
Battery life is just ok. Like another bell phone I had, roaming seems to drain the battery.
Voice dialing is very iffy. Not as solid as on some other phones.
The sound quality is very good. Strong and clear even in very noisy environments.
All in all I would not recommend this phone, not at the price point Bell is trying to sell it at anyway. For a $100 less you can get a better phone.

Good: Stylish, sleek and easy to use
Bad: Ringer, roaming battery life
Ugly: weird OS bugs and strange screensavers
5 Stars out of 5

Great Phone

Reviewed on Wednesday November 5, 2003 by , Montreal
I just upgraded from an old Kyocera phone and wow what a difference! This is an amazing, crystal clear phone. For the reviewers who had problems with the phone ringing: there is a FREE upgrade available for the phone, contact your dealer.
The only drawback: the phone rings, vibrates or does both at the same time but doesn't have the option of vibrating, then option I really liked on my old phone.
Anyways, I highly recommend this phone.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday September 18, 2003 by , PENTICTON
1 Star out of 5

Buying Corel stock is a better investment!

Reviewed on Monday September 8, 2003 by , Ottawa, ON
This is the absolute worst phone I have ever used in my life. I have had many cell phones in my day but none that cut out more and die out faster than this one. It's awful and it's a rip off. Anyone who wants to buy this phone please realize that you are going to lose a lot of money and hair on this purchase!!
1 Star out of 5

Garbage Phone

Reviewed on Sunday August 17, 2003 by , Whitby ON
7 months into ownership the screen failed due to broken wire at the flip hinge. Design flaw!

Garanteed 6 dropped calls on my way home every night (if I used the phone). This is a function of Bells poor network on Highway 7 between Brougham and Whitby.