Samsung Galaxy S20: Better Cameras, Better Battery, and 5G

Earlier today, Samsung unveiled its most highly-anticipated new device: the Samsung Galaxy S20. With a state-of-the-art camera that will let you record videos in 8K and a longer battery life, the S20 is slated to be the first cell phone in Canada that can support 5G.

The S20 comes in three variations, all of which support 5G:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Launch and Preorder Dates

The launch dates and preorder dates for Canada are currently unknown, but we’ll update you as soon we find out!

If the past is any indicator of the future, however, we can expect the device to launch around the same day as it does in the United States: March 6, 2020. For the last six years, all S-model launch dates have been consistent for both Canada and the United States and there’s no reason for us to expect any different this time around.

TELUS gives us further reason to believe this is the case, since the carrier has confirmed their pre-orders will also be shipped on March 6.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Price

Currently, Rogers and TELUS are the only cell phone carriers that have these phones listed.

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra Pricing
RetailerSamsung Galaxy S20Samsung Galaxy S20+Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Samsung$1,1319.99$1,579.99Price not yet listed

Pricing as of February 11, 2020 for base memory model.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Specifications

Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra Specs Compared
Phone ModelSamsung Galaxy S20Samsung Galaxy S20+Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Dynamic AMOLED touch screen

3200 x 1440px

120Hz refresh rate

Dynamic AMOLED touch screen

3200 x 1440px

120Hz refresh rate

Dynamic AMOLED touch screen

3200 x 1440px

120Hz refresh rate
Battery Life4,000mAh4,500mAh5,000mAh
ProcessorSnapdragon 865 Octa-CoreSnapdragon 865 Octa-CoreSnapdragon 865 Octa-Core
Front Camera10MP10MP40MP
Back Camera12MP12MP108MP
Video Recording8K8K8K
Storage128GB128GB, 512GB128GB, 512GB
Expandable MemoryUp to 1TBUp to 1TBUp to 1TB

No carriers currently offer plans for the Samsung Galaxy S20 right now, but we’ll update this page once they’re available.

Rogers and TELUS currently have the phones up for preorder on their respective sites, which means that plans will be available soon.

How Does the Samsung Galaxy S20 Compare to the S10?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Samsung Galaxy S20, while similar, have a few noticeable differences.

  • Data speeds: Where network speeds for the Samsung S10 are available exclusively in 4G, all of the S20 models are 5G compatible, so you’ll have access to the fastest data speeds available. Of course, you’ll also need a 5G plan which isn’t available yet in Canada.
  • Battery life: The batteries on Galaxy S20 devices will charge faster and last longer than on the S10.
  • Memory: Expandable memory for the Samsung Galaxy S10 holds up to an impressive 512GB, but the S20 puts that number to shame with an expandable memory of up to 1TB.

With a more powerful processor, the ability to film in 8K, and revolutionary ability to connect to a 5G network, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is set to make a major impact on the market!

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs S20: Key Features Compared
FeatureSamsung Galaxy S10Samsung Galaxy S20
Launch Price$1,259.99$1,319.99
5GOnly on 5G modelYes
60Hz refresh rate
120Hz touch rate
6.2 inches
120Hz refresh rate
240Hz touch rate
Rear Camera12MP24MP
Front Camera10MP10MP
Video Recording4K8K

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