Samsung a720 Reviews

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The Samsung a720 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 28 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

i need battery of a720 samsung

Reviewed on Wednesday February 17, 2010 by , calgary
i ve been using this phone for full three years but now i stuck,i can t pick up any call it freezes where can i get battery?
3 Stars out of 5

Where can i find this phone

Reviewed on Wednesday February 11, 2009 by , Chilliwack
Hello people....where can i find this phone my girlfriend really wants it but dont know where to find it? can you please help me
3 Stars out of 5

Good phone ---- I need help with the zoom though :( Can you help?

Reviewed on Wednesday July 30, 2008 by , Newfoundland
I think it'sa pretty good phone but I'm having trouble with the zoom.
The phone dose have zoom. I know that because when I first got my phone I was useing the zoom but now when I press the arrows the resolution changes and not the zoom.
Can anybody please help?!?!

The camera on the phone is no good without the zoom :(

Please help! It would be much appreciated! :)
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday July 23, 2008 by , calgary, ab
I got this phone because my chocolte flip started havign probelms but i have more rpoblems with this phoe, it freezea and says i have been n phone for tewnty nine minutes all the time, or syas its stuck on the phone mode. I t wont let me answer some calls, and freezes all the time
1 Star out of 5

I'd rather use two cups and a string

Reviewed on Sunday June 8, 2008 by , Clamshell, New Zealand
This phone is... indescribably garbage. I am sending it in for the THIRD time to get repaired and I've had it for about six months. In those six months, a third of that time I've been stuck with a crappy loaner phone. So tell me why I'm paying them money for a phone I do not have or get to use because it's "being fixed"?

Basically, it drops calls which makes the point of having a phone kind of useless, and the volume has repeatedly stopped working. Apparently it has a mind of it's own and decides when it wants to work or not. This also makes the point of having a phone to receive calls useless as I have no volume therefore no ring tone to alert me when I am being called or texted. Do not invest in this phone, you will be disappointed and there is MUCH better out there for the same price.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday May 28, 2008 by , Barrie Ontario
I'm sure I should've written this review a few months ago when I first realised how much of a POS this phone was, but alas, it's taken me until now.

~Neat design
~External mp3 controls
~Decent speaker phone

Cons: ... other then everything?!
~Network connection issues (and yes, it IS the phone, not the provider) ie: txt msgs not being sent when stated 'sent', calls dropping, poor signal strength, random errors when making and receiving calls. (Other phones in my household are from the same provider, and haven't had this issue)
~Freezing when a memory card is inserted and then turned on
~Black screen when opened until button is pressed (randomly)
3 Stars out of 5

Not Impressed.

Reviewed on Monday April 21, 2008 by , Canada
I got this phone for Christmas of '07. It's now April, and I'm already having problems with this phone. Apparently there's a "Software Failure" with the MP3 player, so it won't read the memory card. Now Telus said they would fix the phone, but it will probably be over a month before I get it back.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday April 15, 2008 by , ontario
ok go to menu,settings, sounds,volume,messsages, and then press the down button until its says Vibrate!
its that simple:)
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday April 5, 2008 by , ottawa
heyhey... i really like this phone and i agree about the sucky service but i can get texts anyway which is always good, but i cant figure out how to set the ring tone for text messages to vibrate...can anyone help??
4 Stars out of 5

I like it. :)

Reviewed on Friday March 21, 2008 by , Wpg
I like the way this phone looks, not too big, not too small. The service can be bad (But that's the phone company's fault). The MP3 Player does have decent sound (if you put the headphones in). But I do have one problem with either the memory card I have, or the actual phone (I can't figure out which one yet!) But one or the other won't play ripped songs, from a CD. They have to be downloaded, which is a real bummer.
2 Stars out of 5

Samsuing Phone

Reviewed on Saturday March 15, 2008 by , Bridgewater
the phone will only do a video for 15 sec. My friend has a razr and that will only do one for 15 sec., and razr's are better then this phone, so I guess it only works for 15 sec.
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday February 10, 2008 by , Toronto
i need someone to tell me how to turn my music into ringtones! i used the memory card an placed the songs into my sounds folder but theyre still not there!
4 Stars out of 5

good phone!

Reviewed on Monday January 21, 2008 by , canada
im not sure what the guy meant when he said that you cannot look at your pictures after youve transfered them to you sd card, you can.. very easily..

i like this phone. its small, got all the basics, and some extras... also you can set your mp3s as ring tones. you just need to upgrade your set,,, who cares about the warranty. the phone was only 100 bucks anyways. the camera is ok, and the play back is good too.. it all comes down to "you get what you pay for." the only problem im having is that i cant get videos more than 15 seconds. i havent looked in the book yet to see if this is the set video length. if it is thats a con...
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday January 19, 2008 by , Canada
It's a wicked phone.
It has got a lot of cool features except you can't set your Mp3 as your ring tone.
The camera quality is pretty decent in the daytime or under sparkling lights.
But, if you take a lot if pictures at night, you might actually consider getting a separate camera.
The mp3 controls are pretty fancy and so is the phone itself.

The GPS is very useful if you ever get lost esp. with the follow me map.
The other good feature is that GPS system would allow your provider to locate your phone if you ever lose it as long as the battery not dead nor it is turned off.
In General, it is pretty sick phone.
I have not got any problem with it whatsoever even though I use my phone a lot.
1 Star out of 5

POS doesn't begin to describe it...

Reviewed on Sunday September 9, 2007 by , Edmonton AB
Well, I'm now on my 2nd phone and it's been sent in for repair, and I must say, that this phone is a piece of crap. It locks up constantly, and when sending text messages, it will go into a "call mode". The only way out is to hit the hangup button, but sometimes, the phone will lock up and I have to remove the battery to reset it. The phone will drop calls far to often to be reliable.

After sending a text message, being able to make a call is hit-and-miss. [Service Provider] has offered to repair the phone for me AGAIN, but will refuse to replace it with a different phone as I've had it for more than 30 days.

Being unable to transfer files to the PC via Bluetooth is a step back from where mobile technology is going, and the fact that you can't use custom ringtones made from any MP3's stored on the Micro SD card really sucks (sorry, I couldn't find a better word).

MP3 playback through the included headset is good, although though a bluetooth headset, I find that the music cuts in and out.

I would not recommend this phone to anyone, and would suggest looking for a different phone!
2 Stars out of 5

Ask questions and try before signing contract

Reviewed on Saturday August 11, 2007 by , Vancouver
The good:
- small
- conversations on phone are loud and clear
- bright clear display
- phone is good looking
- GPS Navigator ($10 per month with [service provider]) works quite well
- muscic played back has good sound through earphones included with the phone

The bad and the ugly:

- reception is relatively poor. I ended up taking the phone back and cancelling my contract because it kept dropping calls and missing calls from my basement office, where my old trusty LG 125 had little trouble connecting

- picture quality is relatively poor with washed out color and a general impression of taking pictures through a cloud of smoke

- pictures can be stored to the built in phone memory, or to a micro SD card (which has to be purchased separately). If you save images to the SD card, you cannot look at them after you have taken them - the picture gallery menu item seems to only access the built in memory. If you use the SD card for pictures, you are taking them blind, without a chance to check what your pictures look like. This is back to the days of film cameras!

- having taken a bunch of pictures, you decide to transfer them to your computer. But wait - no USB cable is included. You go to your computer store to buy one, and find that the Samsung USB cable jack is a wierd one, and you have to purchase the cable from your phone dealer. [service provider] wants $50 for the USB cable, an item which should cost no more than $10.

- you fall back on your computer expertise, and set out to transfer your pictures from the SD card by Bluetooth. But wait - the phone can be seen from your Blutooth equipped computer, but you can't see how to transfer files. A look at the phone manual states that the phone's Bluetooth does not support data transfers.

- you then fall back on taking the SD card out of the phone and reading it in an external card reader. It takes considerable picking an poking with a small knife or paperclip to release the microSD card from the phone, as it is deeply recessed and cannot be released without using tools if you have trimmed fingernails. Then you find out that the SD card is too small to fit in standard card readers, so you have to remember to always pack around the adapter which allows the microSD card to be put in a standard SD card reader. Then again, if you want to transfer pictures from your phone to the computers of friends that you visit, they might not have a card reader of their own. So, along with the adapter, you must remember to pack along a card reader with you.

- having gotten your pictures off the card and some music onto the card, you find you are running out of room. No problem, 2 GB micro SD cards are readily available. But wait - the phone only supports 1 GB cards, which is going to be really annoying in the third year of your 3 year contract when 4 and 8 GB cards are readily available.

- accepting all of the above negatives, you decide to sign a contract anyway, and purchase a $30-40 micro SD card and a $50 cable to turn your "free" phone (which you are stuck with for 3 years) into a 1 GB MP3 player. You ignore the fact that you could have just gone out and purchased a stand-alone 1 GB MP3 player for $50.

- as you use your new phone, you notice that it seems to be really hard to navigate through the menus. You can be clicking away, and suddenly you jump from your logical position in the menu system to somewhere else. After a bit of looking at the problem, you find that the "down" button of the directional button system is very narrow, and is right next to the "back" button. Both buttons are totally flat, and there is nothing to tell your fingertip which button it is on by feel. It is really easy to press the back button when trying to navigate downwards. This might not be a problem for those with small fingers, or who press keys with their fingernails, but for me it meant that I had to be constantly watching what I was doing, and arch my fingers up in an awkward manner to make a pressing surface which would not snag the wrong key.

4 Stars out of 5

Can't Get Reception or Ringtones

Reviewed on Wednesday July 25, 2007 by , Scarborough, On
I was really excited when my company changed from [service provider] to [service provider] and I was happy to get this phone. In fact, we got 25 phones for all our co-workers.

Heres the problem: The whole office is getting 0-2 bars of reception no matter where you sit.

Another Problem: 25 phones all ringing with the same or similar tones. Thats complete chaos. No one knows who's phone is ringing.

So we tried to upload ringtones, but we can't, unless we buy a 60$ USB-Phone cord. And if we UPDATE our software version, we void our warranty???

I use a W300i Sony-Ericsson with [service provider]. My phone came with a USB-Phone cable for free. I can download themes and wallpapers off the next and load them on to my phone. If you are smart enough to change MP3s to ARC files, you can even use them like MP3 ringtones.

My question to [service provider] is this: Why must your customers (thats us) still live in the dark ages and forced to download $3 ringtones while all the other service providers customers can enjoy them for free.

Other than reception/ringtone problem .... , oh wait, thats all [service provider]' fault!

SO to sum it up: This phone is really nice, decent camera, music player, good looks, lightweight, etc. I would get this phone over most phone on the market (in it's price range of course). But don't use [service provider] because they will make your phone suck!
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday July 23, 2007 by , Newfoundland
i think the phone is awesome ..sure the camera doesn't take great photos in dark but other than that the a720 was good, it had all the features i needed and i didn't have an troubles w/ it, except for one thing that was j/ mentioned,the no simoltaneus talking feature, meaning if you and another person you are taking w/ are speaking at the same time or interrupting, it will mute them and you don't catch what they said ..which sucks, also, you can't take mp3 files from you're phone and set them as a ringtone.. but other than that the phone is great :) .
2 Stars out of 5

No Simultaneous Talking

Reviewed on Tuesday July 3, 2007 by , Toronto
Nothing exceptional.

THERE IS ONE really annoying feature in this phone. It does not support simultaneous talking (back to the beginning of the century when only one person could talk at a time.)

Try singing a song with a friend over the phone. The phone will mute the other person so that you will not hear him (feature?). This is a huge step backward. Because of this feature at times you may not hear what the other person is saying if you happen to interrupt them.

I would not recommend getting this phone for anyone. It has all kinds of fancy features but lacks at the very basics. Better get a normal phone for $50 bucks and at least get a decent conversation mode.
4 Stars out of 5

Samsung A760 Phone

Reviewed on Monday July 2, 2007 by , Oshawa
It's been over a month and I like this phone very much. It's not good for web, but I dont' use that at all so I can't really speak on that, but the music is good and sounds loud. However I seem to miss some calls but that could just be me not hearing the ringer I have. Screen is big so I can see and I love the colored numbers, but you can change that. Battery lasts about 3 days for me on stand by. Never dropped a call yet but that is all up to the carrier you have not the phone, as I have used it in parking garages and my basement. This phone is a music based phone. Although the photos are not bad it's much better for music. Good zoom on the camera and easy to switch to the camcorder. The one thing I don't like when it comes to this phone is that I have to hold down the side volume keys and then press and hold the play key for the music player to work. But I dont' have to open it just to listen to music and it takes about a minute to get going. I like the speaker function. No need for a bluetooth. with 2 clicks I can have the speaker up so I can drive handsfree. When buying go with the expanded 2 gig card. I found that I easily filled up the phone memory and a 1 gig card. I have over 200 songs currently and can still fit more. It has a funny feature for photos that I got a kick out of. All in all a very good girly phone. I find most men don't like it but women will find it good. I'm still learning but it suits all of my needs. One important thing to remember find a phone company that will take the phone back in a time period, if your not happy. I asked the girl stright out if I did not like the phone could I return it and she said yes. So I was happy about that because I was not stuck with a phone I did not like, but this one seems to fill all my FUSSY music needs lol. Oh also when you take photos you have to save them cause they don't auto save.
5 Stars out of 5

not bad...not bad at all

Reviewed on Friday June 22, 2007 by , north pole
wicked phone, but mp3 player screws up sometimes and freezes. it's got a flat bottom so you can stand the phone upright and take pictures - very simple but useful design feature. kinda girly but at least the buttons are a reasonable size so you don't need to invest in glasses just to dial numbers.
5 Stars out of 5

La Coche

Reviewed on Friday June 8, 2007 by , Terrebonne
Du style, de bons options, tous pour plaire
5 Stars out of 5

Not bad at all

Reviewed on Friday May 25, 2007 by , Toronto, Ontario
I picked up this phone along with the sweet jam bundle. And definitely I have no complaints except you can't select your own ringtones from the mp3 music, it has to be downloaded or the preset ringtones. Other than that, the reception is fine, ease of use is superb and the bluetooth headset has some pretty good bass. The bundle also comes with a clear swiveling case which protects the phone for sure if you drop it a lot, but also allows you access the external controls easily. Camera is nice, 1 GB expansion slot is plentiful and the overal quality is not bad at all.
4 Stars out of 5

Dropping calls

Reviewed on Tuesday April 3, 2007 by , Edmonton Alberta
I dont know if its the phone that the problem with the calls being dropped. I'm pretty sure its my provider. I have to say that they are the worst for cell coverage. The only reason I stuck with them is I got this phone for free AND no contract.
4 Stars out of 5

AGREED!!! Nice phone bad recieption.

Reviewed on Friday March 30, 2007 by , Peterborough
i also live in the basement, and do get alot of dropped calls as well. but other than that, the phone is amazing!!!
the mp3 player is siiiick!!! holds tones of music. the camera is good too. the odd time the phone glitches but im assumming its cause of the mp3 player and all the songs i carry on micro sd card. if you are looking to purchase this phone get the bundle cause the blue tooth headphones are unreal, sound quality is just bumping!!!
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday March 29, 2007 by , canada
ive had this phone for bout three months, and i absolutely love love love it! the only problem i have is that i can get lots of dropped calls when im in my basement. every phone has its pros and cons, but overall i love it lol
3 Stars out of 5

Nice phone bad reception

Reviewed on Wednesday March 7, 2007 by , Toronto
I've been a user of Samsung for years, my A660 was horrible. Here I am wiht this great Samsung A720 but considering I live in a basement appt, unfortunetly the reception is horrible, keeps dropping calls yet my other crapping Samsung, the reception was great..... I thought I'd give Samsung another chance but I may have been wrong.
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday November 26, 2006 by , Ottawa
- Good sound quality (speaker/mic.)
- Good quality stereo headset
- Good MP3 player and controls
- Decent camera
- MSN (Java) pre-installed
- Easy to use

- Max. 1GB micro-SD card
- Clamshell design (hing point plastic easy to break with continual use)
- No data transfer over Bluetooth