Samsung Hype A256

Samsung Hype A256 Front View

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August 2009


  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Integrated camera
  • Enhanced predictive text


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4 Stars out of 5

My only issue with they Hype is not being able to download the photos!

Reviewed on Saturday September 1, 2012 by , Canada
I have been trying for over a year to get the photo's off the handset, with no success!! About to try again, but i figure I'm just going to lose them as passing this pay as you go to another family member! Other than that, I've loved the phone! have also dropped it a couple times and didn't have a problem with it falling apart as others have! Wish me luck with the download of photos!!
2 Stars out of 5

Re-define hansfree!

Reviewed on Monday March 29, 2010 by , North Bay
Bought three of these phones for our family to legally use in the car, "handsfree", as listed in the specs. I bought the most expensive Bluetooth, handsfree device I could find and guess what? You need your hands to make a call! It's only handsfree to receive one. When you go to the Bluetooth menu and select handsfree there are no options to select. The Samsung reps hadn't a clue about there own products and just quoted the users guide and referred me to Rogers!!! Now I know it has to have voice recognition as well as handsfree so in the meantime I guess I'll have to dial with my toes. And it does fly apart easily. I really don't know what all the "hype" is about!
In fairness, the battery is excellent and the full keyboard will help those reluctant to text.
All three will go back to Future Shop before my thirty days are up.
2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday January 26, 2010 by , canada
je ne comprend pas je ne peux pas envoyer des messages text sms je peus seulement utiliser les mms... pourquoi
4 Stars out of 5

can't click on text links

Reviewed on Saturday December 19, 2009 by , toronto
I downloaded a ringtone but can't click on the text link they sent me from rogers to download the file. Drivin me crazy!