Samsung N370 Reviews

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The Samsung N370 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 16 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday June 6, 2005 by , Canada
I have had this phone for over 2 years now and I have had no problems with it at all. I feel the battery life is Amazeing and the sound quality is crystal clear. I have also dropped and banged up this phone quite a bit and it still works as if its brand new. Overall I am very impressed and the fact it came with two batteries was an added bonus.
5 Stars out of 5

Superior Phone.

Reviewed on Wednesday December 22, 2004 by , Ottawa
9 out of 10.

I have read the other reviews including the one where the person wrote that the phone had a lowsy signal. He admited in his review that he removed the battery while the charger was pluged in. That means he damaged it. He also talked about a lot of dirt in the charger port. And he rated it bad. I'd have to rate that user as stupid.

As for the phone. Work perfect even in poor service areas. It does change signals a lot, but it connects with 3 at once so you will not loose calls when it changes signals.

I have noticed that when the call display says 1 missed call and shows the number, if you press clr, you will clear it away and it will not remain logged under missed calls. Thats my only complaint with it. Other then that It has supier reception and battery life even in poor service areas. I give it 9 out of 10. It beats my motorola, Nokia, and AudioVox phones.

4 Stars out of 5

Pretty Good

Reviewed on Tuesday August 17, 2004 by , BC
Over all, the phone is good. The extra battery is nice and the phone is sleek. It can be a little slow sometimes, like turning on or off, and there is a slight lag sometimes when unlocking etc. so the phone might miss the first number you press. The phone has also turned itself on a few times by itself (apparently at random).

I've never had any problems like others have written about. If I've had a poor connection in one area, so have others with other cell phones.

For the price I got the phone for, I'm happy.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday August 17, 2004 by , St. Catharines, ON
This phone is a useless piece of junk. I seem to have a lot of missed calls and its constantly changing service area, during which time the phone is useless.
Whenever I unlock the keypad, it still takes 2 to 3 seconds before I can press any button. Battery life was OK. If they ship 2 batteries, why didn't they give you a charger that would charge the battery *not* on the phone? Plus, you can't "hot-swap" batteries while its on the charger without the phone powering down. Another annoyance: the charger slot on the bottom of the phone is constantly trapping dirt, making it difficult to insert the bulky power connector. Why can't I get a *real* phone, like my trusty Kyocer 2035. Is it just me, or is every carrier offering nothing but flimsy, flashy junk? Have they forgotten what cell phones are really for?
5 Stars out of 5

Great Phone. I recommend it!!

Reviewed on Wednesday July 7, 2004 by , Toronto, Ontario
I have had my 370 now for over a year. Battery life is exceptional and I always get a signal even when I travel to the cottage which has generally poor service in that area. When I compare this phone my previous 2 phones it is miles ahead! Totally recommened it!
2 Stars out of 5

Mediocre Phone

Reviewed on Tuesday July 6, 2004 by , Saskatoon, SK
Had this phone for about a year, and I have to say it is NOT all that great. Sound quality was poor on both outgoing and incoming voice calls. The keys seem a lot smaller and closer together than a lot of other phones, which makes for a lot of mis-dialed numbers when you have large hands & fingers (like me). And it seemed like it took about as long as a desktop computer to boot up! Not a bad phone, but not one on my short list.
2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday April 26, 2004 by , Vancouver, BC
I got this phone last summer when I started my contract, and I must say the phone is very IFFY. It seems to always be roaming and "Changing Service Area" for no reason, even if you are standing still. The level of volume on incoming calls seems to be very quiet, even though your voice talking is really loud. The text messaging is alright, but nothing fancy. Also I find that I don't receive all my calls, this could be a Bell Network thing, however I'm pretty sure it's because of it changing service area all the time. The reception overall, really isn't that great, however I found that the battery life is sufficient, seeing as it comes with two batteries when you buy the phone, however it would never last with just one. I would not recommend this phone, not very user friendly, not very good overall.
4 Stars out of 5

Good Phone!!

Reviewed on Thursday March 25, 2004 by , Alexandria,Ontario
I find that this is a good phone. I don't have a problem with the reception or the service changing area. The only knock against this phone for me would be that it comes on by itself frequently at the slightest touch. A small problem considering that this phone works eveywhere! I also don't find anything wrong with the sound. I would recommend it!!
5 Stars out of 5

Great Phone! Don't be Fooled!

Reviewed on Tuesday March 2, 2004 by , Tillsonburg, ON Canada
I have read all of these reviews and noticed quite a few people putting this phone into the dirt. The one thing that many of you may not realize is that yes, the SCH-N370 started weak when it was first released, but Samsung LISTENS to it's customers and responds! There are, to date, 3 software upgrades available for this product which were released by Samsung. These upgrades improve various different things on the model, indluding that "service searching" problem that many of you have mentioned. The sound quality, service strenght, AND battery life have been improved by these upgrades. Please people, before putting down a very good phone, visit a local cellular store and find out if there is anything available to correct the problem.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday February 21, 2004 by , Newmarket
Stay away from this one!!! Poor reception, poor sound quality, poor battery life, poor ringer volume. I have an old $79.00 Audiovox that works better!
2 Stars out of 5

Stay away

Reviewed on Monday February 2, 2004 by , Peterborough
My phone is only 10 months old, and the ringer has quit. Now the only way to answer calls is on vibrate. It still is under warranty, but who wants to send their phone away for up to 3 weeks?
I also was never impressed with it's incoming voice quality. Other phones I've tried thru friends etc., always have better reception.
1 Star out of 5

Poor Performance

Reviewed on Sunday January 4, 2004 by , vancouver
Lost signals, dropped calls, sound quality very poor. I have owned several phones with telus and rogers and the SCH N370 is the worst. Now I am stuck with it for the duration of my contract.
4 Stars out of 5

Good Phone

Reviewed on Friday December 5, 2003 by , Hamilton, Ontario
This is a pretty decent phone that doubles as a flash light. The games are good but the sounds are LOUD. A good way to overcome that is to put it in silent mode first. The phone book is sweet because you can store like 5 different phone numbers for every name (speed dial, home, mobile, office, other) as well as even an email address. Menus are clear and easy to understand, most of the keys double as shortcuts to commonly used functions (phone book, calender, time, etc). Reception is pretty good compared to other phones, however it will swich between analog and digital alot. In my book, I'd give this phone an 9 out of 10.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday September 6, 2003 by , Nova Scotia
The reception blows! The phone is constantly changing service area, even when you are not moving. During this time you can not receive incoming calls and if you do not have voice mail you can not even find out who tried calling you.
Note: There is no volume control on the games and the sound effects are quite loud!
The sound sucks! It is difficult to hear, and the person that you are talking to will have trouble hearing you.
The battery packs lose their lifes quickly (perhaps thats why they give you two.) After 6 months of use, you are lucky if your fully charged battery will last 8 hours. Also, if you use the phone for more than 10-15 minutes at a time, the battery pack heats up and becomes to hot too hold.
Don't be a sucker like me and by the SCH-N370 just because of the cool features. Pick a phone with good sound, reception and battery life!!!

5 Stars out of 5

Great phone!

Reviewed on Saturday July 5, 2003 by , Ottawa, Ont, Canada
Yes, the phone even locally is "changing service area" alot. I must agree. I also had a Nokia 6185i and found to be a very very slow, thick, and ugly phone. In the Nokia, you'll be lucky if your on the net in 10 minutes. Anyway, back to the point. The Samsung SCH-N370 overall is an amazing phone, the capabilities, size, etc. Reception is great in my book, even far away. The buttons are a little small including the "clr", the menu, the navigator, and the OK. The screen I have noticed is the smallest screen Ive ever seen on a Samsung phone. For the size of the phone, you can store up to 500 names...that's crazy. Overall, 9/10 for me.
2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday May 20, 2003 by , Mississauga, ON
I replaced my old Startac 7867 by a Samsung N370 2 weeks ago. This phone has good specs and very good features but has poor signal reception and unsatisfactory sound quality.

Compared side by side with another "old" phone (Nokia 6185i) during a 3 day trip in Minnesota and Wisconsin, the Samsung lost signal or was "changing service area" most of the time when in the other hand the Nokia still had a good and stable signal level. This is true both with the analog and digital signals.

The speaker sounds muffled and digitized. Same with the microphone judging by comments of people receiving my calls.

If you only plan to use the Samsung in your home area, it's OK. If you travel to areas outside the cities, I wouldn't recommend it.