Samsung SCH-R500

Samsung SCH-R500 Front View


Canada: TELUS


November 2007


  • Bluetooth technology
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • MP3 player with microSD slot


Latest Reviews

5 Stars out of 5

Great Phone!

Reviewed on Saturday April 4, 2009 by , Canada
I'm a little bit on the younger side. I bought my phone at Christmas time with all my Christmas money. Even though all my friends got their keypad phones, I am happy with mine. It has great reception, and in my bedroom I have at least two or more bars. (considering my room is hard to seek from a satalite) Some phones Now 'a' days have NO CAMCORDER! But this one does and I was so glad when I got it that it did. I have a blue case on mine, and I can switch the case to red, white, or pink, whenever I want. The buttons are easy to press, and I like that i only need to touch one button and my inbox is right there. (I am a big fan of texting) "SPARK" is so great. It was one of my favourites when i got my phone. Easy to acsess the internet for Facebook, and any other things that I really need. I really don't like complicated phones, and If your like me, this one is great! It's really skinny so it can fit anywhere: Bra, Jeans, Purse.. just about anywhere. I am also a bit fan of the battery. I can leave my phone on for about 5 days, and It stays on, even if I make a few calls and bout 200 texts a day! I reccomend it to anybody! It's an awesome phone.
1 Star out of 5

samsung r500 is defective

Reviewed on Thursday January 22, 2009 by , british columbia
within days started to freeze up. now msg memory is full even with ALL msg deleted and cannot send or receive txt. worst phone ive ever had
4 Stars out of 5

Good phone, but could be improved

Reviewed on Monday December 29, 2008 by , British Columbia Canada
Ive had my phone for awhile now and i must say im quite happy with it. I personally love the mobile radio feature and use it all the time. transferring mp3s does take a little while when you have to drag and drop, and i was a little unimpressed that it cant read mp3s in subfolders of the MY_MUSIC folder, but overall thats minor compared to previous phones I've used. the battery life is a little short. i find the keys are a decent size and not too slippery (keys probably are a little harder to use for people with bigger finger). overall good phone, dont try to use the mp3 player in loud areas without the headset.
3 Stars out of 5

Yes, you /can/, but it involves turning the volume off!

Reviewed on Friday December 19, 2008 by , Canada
I put my mp3 on the microsd card and it will not show up! pictures and video save fine. other than that, the phone is ok.

This is in reply to the post below:
menu>settings>sounds>keytone>keytone level> OFF

Now your phone is silent under normal operation and the ringer is still normal. The camera still has it's annoying sounds.

Cannot Disable Keyboard Tone
Reviewer : Yuri, Israel
Date : December 12, 2008

I didn't find a way of disabling keyboard tones, and none is covered in the user guide.

In the keyboard tone settings there are several options for keyboard tones, but neither of them is "off".

There is no way I found to disable the keyboard tones without disabling also the ringer, which (if I am correct) makes it useless for me, as I work in such an environment where I cannot keep keyboard tones on.