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7-Eleven Speak Out 4G & LTE Wireless Coverage Maps


What network is 7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless on?

It is on the full Rogers footprint. Previously it was on a limited Fido footprint.

Can I buy a phone even though there are no 7-Eleven stores in my city?

Yes. You have two choices:

1 – You can go to a city that has a 7-Eleven retail location and purchase a phone there. Then, call customer service and get them to change the number on your phone. Phone number changes are free except when they are done within the same location due to a dislike for the number itself (then the cost is $10); if you are changing your number because you’ve moved or you are being harassed by audio or text, then it is free.

2 – You can also check out the phone exchange forum at speakoutwireless.ca/speak/phone-exchange to find phones with SIM cards, phones on their own, SIM cards on their own, and airtime for sale by other consumers.

I am moving within Canada. Do I have to buy a different phone when I move?

You can keep your existing phone and SIM card. If you call customer service, they should be able to assign you a new number for your new location. In fact, you can switch to some area codes (such as 902 in Halifax) where there aren’t 7-Eleven stores.

Can you make phone calls from across Canada, in the U.S. or other countries on the 7-Eleven Speak Out network?

If you are within Canada, all calls outside your local calling area are long distance calls, while all calls within your local calling area are local calls. This even applies when roaming (within Canada). For example, if your local calling area is Vancouver and you visit Toronto, all calls made back to Vancouver are considered local calls. Calls to Toronto, even while you are in Toronto, would be considered long distance calls.

You cannot make calls with your Canadian 7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless phone if you are in the US.

Will my 7-Eleven Speak Out phone work if I travel to another country?

Currently, none of the phones that 7-Eleven sells for use with Speak Out Wireless have the bands needed to work outside of North America (regardless of what SIM(s) you put in them.) For example, the Nokia 1600 phone is a dual-band phone on the 850 and 1900 bands, which means that it does not work in Europe. However, other phones might work depending on their technical specifications.

To use a phone in most overseas countries, it has to be a GSM phone that is at least tri-band. Ideally it should run on the 900 and 1800 bands, making it a quad-band phone. For example, 900 / 1800 are the European bands, while 850 / 1900 are the North American bands.

Even if you have a tri- or quad-band phone, you’ll also need to get a SIM that works in the country or countries you’ll be visiting. You can get either country-specific SIMs or so-called “Global” SIMs like Mobal or UM+. Country-specific SIMs usually offer the cheapest airtime but they’re a hassle to use if you visit several countries because of roaming charges. Global SIMs are more convenient but usually charge more for airtime.

Can you make international long distance calls from within Canada on the 7-Eleven Speak Out network?

The international rate for outgoing calls is often a dollar or more per minute (the local airtime rate + the international rate depending on the country). It is often cheaper to call through a third-party service (even for long-distance calls within Canada and the US) such as yak.ca or justdial.ca. With these services, you call a local number and they route you through to the international number. Therefore, you are charged the local 7-Eleven rate (30 cents per minute) plus the third-party rate. You should choose a third-party provider that uses a TOLL FREE number. If you choose a local number to connect, you may be billed for both the local call and the long distance call as if they were conferenced.

Note that if someone calls you from an international location, you are only charged the normal local rate (30 cents per minute).

How much do toll-free calls cost?

They are billed at the local rate. The only so-called “free” calls are: a 911 emergency call; a 611 call to customer service; *777 (or one of the “on screen” options) to check your balance; and *888 to add airtime.

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