Rogers Canada 4G & LTE Wireless Network Coverage Maps

Rogers Canadian 4G and LTE Wireless Network Coverage Map
* This map is a general representation of wireless coverage where indicated. The areas shown are approximate. Actual coverage area may vary from map graphics. Reception may be affected by various factors, including system availability and capacity, customer's equipment, signal strength, topography and environmental conditions. Charges are based on the location of the site receiving and transmitting the signal, not the location of the subscriber. Extended Coverage is available to select Rogers postpaid wireless customers with a compatible device and with data roaming enabled (for access to data services). Extended Coverage provides LTE speeds in select areas. Intended for limited occasional use. Certain services/features are not available or may have limited functionality. See for full details.
Rogers provides worry-free, reliable wireless connections to 97% of all Canadians on a network built to consistently deliver unique experiences where and when you need them. Click on the map above to see Rogers coverage in your area. 




What is the LTE network?

LTE, or "Long Term Evolution", is the global gold standard in wireless network technology. Far superior to previous technologies such as 3G and 4G HSPA+, LTE delivers a faster, richer and smoother wireless internet experience than ever before. Easily download large files and upload to cloud storage, stream high-definition movies and video conference lag-free, plus play advanced online games and apps. Built to handle more users doing more complex things, LTE allows you to stay connected on your wireless device in ways you've only imagined.

Some cities with Rogers LTE network coverage Include:

  • Toronto & GTA
  • Vancouver & Lower Mainland
  • Montreal
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Ottawa
  • Kingston
  • Regina
  • Saskatoon
  • Kelowna
  • Victoria
  • Sudbury
  • Kingston
  • Quebec City
  • Halifax
  • Moncton
  • St. John's

What is Extended Coverage and who is eligible for it?

Almost all of Rogers' plans qualify for Extended Coverage. You just need to be a postpaid wireless customer with a compatible device. Itís meant for customers who live within the Rogers network and happen to travel occasionally into Extended Coverage areas outside the Rogers network.

Wireless Home Phone, Wireless Business Phone, Rocket Hub, prepaid and zone-based or calling circle plans (e.g., My5/10 and MY1/2/5 enterprise business plans) are not eligible for Extended Coverage.

How will I know when Iím using Extended Coverage?

When you travel outside the Rogers network and connect to Extended Coverage, on most devices youíll see EXT or a roaming indicator on your device screen.

Do I need to do anything to start using Extended Coverage?

Talk and text services will work once you enter an Extended Coverage area and your device connects to Extended Coverage. To use the internet for email, maps and more, just make sure data roaming is turned on in your device settings.

How is usage within an Extended Coverage area billed?

There is no additional charge to use your device within an Extended Coverage area. So any talk, text or data you use in an Extended Coverage area is included as part of your current plan and will be billed in the same way as usage on the Rogers network.

How will the experience be different within the Extended Coverage area?

Your device will always connect to the Rogers network if itís available. Once you have left the Rogers network and have entered an Extended Coverage area, your device will automatically connect to Extended Coverage. If youíre on a call when you enter an Extended Coverage area, the call will drop. Once you see EXT appear on your device screen, you can call back to complete your call. A few enhanced features may not be available, including:
  • Name Display
  • 4-1-1 Directory Assistance Call Completion
  • Pound numbers (#) and short codes
  • N-1-1 codes:
    • 2-1-1 Community Information
    • 3-1-1 Non-Emergency Municipal Government
    • 5-1-1 Weather & Traveller Information
    • 7-1-1 Access to Message Relay Service (MRS) by the deaf
    • 8-1-1 Non-urgent Health Teletriage Services

Is LTE available in Extended Coverage areas?

Yes, Extended Coverage provides LTE speeds in select areas.

How much do long distance phone calls cost?

When selecting a Rogers rate plan, they do have plans that include unlimited Canada-wide calling. So if you a frequent cross-country long-distance caller, these types of plans are probably a good option for yourself. You can view all of the Rogers rate plans available in each province here

Rogers also offers Canada, US, and international long distance calling add-ons for your pre-existing plan. If you do not purchase a long distance add-on service, you will be charged the current standard long-distance rates.

Can I travel to an international country with my Rogers phone?

Yes. You should consider purchasing either the Roam Like Home US travel add-on or an Roam Like Home International add-on for your existing plan to save on roaming costs. If you do not purchase a roaming add-on service, you will be charged the current standard roaming rates.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is the next evolution in wireless calling. The VoLTE technology platform allows users with a compatible phone to place and receive calls over the Rogers LTE network instead of the traditional voice network. Before VoLTE, only data was transmitted over the LTE network, and voice calls were carried over the HSPA network. Now with VoLTE, Rogers supports high-quality HD calls and allows Canadians to:
  • Make and receive voice and video calls to and from other Rogers customers with VoLTE ó in clear, natural-sounding audio
  • Place a call and stay at lightning fast LTE data speeds when you browse the web or watch videos
  • Connect more quickly with friends and family (you get a faster call connection time)

Will I notice a difference if I am a Rogers customer using VoLTE?

Yes! With VoLTE, you will experience faster call setup times and clear, natural-sounding audio when both you and the person you are calling are using VoLTE-compatible phones. Youíll also be able to place video calls to Rogers customers who have it too.

What do I need to have in order to use VoLTE?

All Rogers post-paid customers with a LTE SIM card, a VoLTE-compatible phone and updated device software can take advantage of this enhancement automatically.

Are there any services that will not work with VoLTE?

Customers with select features and services, including any of the following, will not have access to VoLTE
  • Ringback tunes
  • Advanced Call Manager
But rest assured, you will continue to be able to use these features and services when you are in a VoLTE coverage area.

Where can I access VoLTE from my phone?

As long as you are connected to the Rogers LTE network and have a VoLTE-compatible phone and the most recent software, you will have access to VoLTE while in Canada. Currently, VoLTE is not available to Rogers customers in Northwestern Ontario or in Extended Coverage areas.

Can I use VoLTE when I am roaming outside of Canada?

Currently, VoLTE is only available to Rogers customers when they are on the Rogers LTE network.

What happens if I place a voice or video call in an area where there is only HSPA or EDGE network coverage?

Rest assured, you will still be able to place a call, but it will be treated as a traditional voice call.


What happens if I place a voice or video call while in an Extended Coverage area?

VoLTE will not be available if youíre in an Extended Coverage area. Voice and video calls will be treated as voice calls over the traditional voice network.


What happens if I am on a voice call and I move from an LTE network coverage area to an area where I can get access only to HSPA?

The call will not be interrupted. It will be seamlessly transferred between the two networks (LTE to HSPA).


What happens if I am on a video call and I move from an LTE network coverage area to an area where I can get access only to HSPA?

The call will not be interrupted. It will be seamlessly continue as a voice-only call. 


Do I have to pay for using VoLTE? How much does it cost?

If you are on a Share Everything plan, you can enjoy unlimited nationwide VoLTE video calling on a VoLTE-compatible device. 

If you are not on a Share Everything plan, you can enjoy unlimited local video calls. Youíll be charged or Canadian long distance VoLTE video calls.


What happens if I try and place a video call to another Rogers customer who does not have a VoLTE-compatible phone?

The call will be placed and treated as a regular voice call instead of a video call.

Will I be charged for data usage when I make a voice call using VoLTE?

No. All voice calls made using VoLTE are treated as traditional voice calls on HSPA networks and will be deducted from the minutes offered on your current plan.


Will I be charged for data usage when I make a video call using VoLTE?

No. Data plans arenít required to complete VoLTE video calls. Making a VoLTE video call wonít use up any of your data.

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