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Freedom Mobile Coverage Maps Compared

The universe may be endlessly expanding, but not as rapidly as Freedom Mobile.

Freedom Mobile’s coverage already spans across Ontario, British Colombia and Alberta, but thanks to an increase of affordable LTE data across the country, 1.3 million more Canadians will get wireless access from the carrier in 2019.

Freedom Mobile’s Coverage Map

If you’re living in Ontario, Alberta, or BC, you may already be familiar with Freedom Mobile. This regional carrier offers 3G, LTE and Extended Range LTE options within these three Canadian provinces.

Freedom Mobile Coverage on Public Transportation

Freedom Mobile’s services currently operate best in urban centers. In fact, city dwellers now have even more access to Freedom Mobile coverage. In Toronto, Freedom Mobile is currently the only wireless carrier providing services for the TTC subway system including:

  • All subway platforms
  • Downtown tunnels on Line 1 (between Bloor/Yonge and St. Patrick stations)
  • Tunnels on the new Line 1 extension (from Downsview Park to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre)
  • Mezzanines
  • Toll booths

Vancouver residents are now free to talk, text, or stream on the Metro Vancouver SkyTrain, above ground and underground. Included in Freedom Mobile’s expanded coverage network are the following stations:

  • Waterfront
  • Burrard
  • Granville
  • Stadium-Chinatown

Above-ground stations and the entire Canada Line are also within Freedom Mobile’s coverage area, with more tunnel services on the way for both cities.

And if you’re not near a train, you’re probably near one of our Wi-Fi hotspots, which expands Freedom Mobile coverage to more than 300,000 locations across Western Canada.

Roaming Outside of Freedom Mobile’s Coverage

Even if you find yourself outside the borders of Freedom Mobile’s coverage map, it doesn’t mean you’re not covered.

When you’re beyond Freedom Mobile’s 3G, LTE or Extended Range LTE networks, your device will connect through one of the carrier’s partners. This is known as its ‘Nationwide’ coverage, and you’ll know you’re using the service when your phone displays ‘Nationwide’ as its network name, instead of ‘Freedom.’

While in these areas, you’ll use the ‘Nationwide’ portion of your Freedom Mobile plan, or pay-per-use rates may apply. Visit your My Account page to learn more.

If you’re going way off the map, Freedom Mobile offers international roaming options letting you use talk, text, or data while visiting other countries.

Quality of voice and data services may vary while outside of the Freedom Mobile network, due to things like:

  • Technical capacity
  • Device capabilities
  • Terrain
  • Foliage
  • Weather conditions.

Compatibility with data speeds or network technology varies by device and Freedom Mobile cannot guarantee service availability.

3G Vs. LTE Vs. Extended Range LTE

Freedom Mobile coverage includes 3G, LTE and Extended Range LTE networks. Each one is available to Freedom customers and works slightly differently.

3G Coverage

3G can be thought of more as ‘OG’. The acronym stands for ‘third generation’, but it’s the first generation of wireless to connect smartphones to the internet. As the oldest option available, it’s also the slowest and usually only used as a backup when faster speeds are unavailable.

LTE Coverage

LTE stands for ‘Long Term Evolution’ and represents the next generation of wireless connection for smartphones, after 3G. The power of that update can be felt through speeds several times faster than 3G, which also helps streaming become faster and smoother, downloads quicker and apps more responsive.

Extended Range LTE Coverage

Extended Range LTE reaches the farthest across the Freedom Mobile coverage map, bringing a better and stronger connection to even more customers. The wireless option gives Freedom Mobile Band 13 LTE (700MHZ low-band spectrum), which provides improved signal inside buildings and elevators.

For now, Freedom Mobile’s Extended Range LTE is only available in select coverage areas, and only for compatible VoLTE enabled devices.

Freedom Mobile WiFi Hotspots

Freedom Mobile customers have exclusive access to over 300,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across Western Canada, including popular destinations in neighbourhoods, shopping malls, recreation centres, shopping districts and high-rise buildings. And with more hotspots added every day, the Freedom Mobile coverage map keeps getting bigger and bigger.

If you’ve purchased your mobile device from Freedom Mobile, connecting to these Wi-Fi hotspots is as easy as holding your phone. Devices will automatically connect you to one of the ‘ShawPasspoint’ or ‘ShawMobileHotspot’ networks when they’re available, provided your WiFi is turned on.

Your device can smoothly transition from using Freedom’s LTE network to a hotspot, with downloads, apps, and streaming all continuing as normal and even voice calls going uninterrupted during a switch. And by jumping on WiFi, you’ll be saving on data. None of the downloads, shares, calls or texts made while connected to a hotspot count toward the data included in your plan.

That openness does add a few extra concerns. Hotspots are shared with the public—or, in this case, other Freedom Mobile users—which can give savvy customers access to what you’re doing on your device. Make sure to keep your sensitive information private while using a hotspot. You may also want to look at other additional security measures, like a VPN service.

So how does Freedom Mobile’s coverage compare to our biggest competitors?

At a glance, the coverage numbers look something like this (based on the total geographical area of the province covered):

Coverage Compared
British Columbia0.24%19.36%9.93%19.36%

Still, numbers can be deceiving. More than a third of Canada’s population live in its five largest cities, four of which are currently covered by Freedom Mobile, including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.

Freedom also offers a wide variety of plans for far cheaper than Bell, Rogers and Telus, with Freedom’s most expensive plan still offering more than the closest comparison with the Big Three:

Carrier Plans and Pricing Compared
Price Per MonthTalk & TextFull-Speed Data

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