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Videotron 4G & LTE Wireless Network Canada Coverage Map

Videotron is a regional carrier based in the province of Quebec. Videotron’s cell phone plans are some of the most affordable and feature-packed plans on the market. Typically, this carrier services customers in Quebec and border regions of Ontario but thanks to the Rogers’ network, customers can receive excellent coverage throughout Canada.

Overview of Videotron Cellular Coverage

Videotron has its own cell towers that provide coverage throughout Quebec and Ottawa. If you travel outside of its regional network, your phone will use Rogers’ robust network to provide service.

Compared to larger carriers like Bell, Rogers, and TELUS, smaller carriers like Videotron use partner networks to provide service nationwide. Here’s how that works:

  • Videotron’s devices are programmed to use the Videotron network first.
  • If you travel out of range to use the Videotron network, your device will automatically sync to the next available partner network.
  • You can find which network you’re connected to by looking at the display name on the screen. It may look something like this: Videotron PRTNR (Quebec and the Greater Ottawa region), Videotron PRTNR1 (in Canada, outside Quebec), or Videotron PRTNR2 (all of Canada).

Videotron has service agreements with wireless service providers across Canada, so you can let your device select the network. When you allow it to self-select, you’ll get the best coverage.

Rogers is one of the largest wireless networks in Canada, covering 97% of Canadians. Because Videotron uses Rogers for extended coverage outside of the Quebec and Ottawa region, you will almost always be covered.

Videotron Cell Phone Coverage Map

Overall, Videotron has great 4G LTE coverage in Quebec and elsewhere, thanks to operating on Rogers’ powerful network. Note that the Videotron coverage map below also includes Fizz’s coverage, as Fizz is a sub-brand of Videotron that operates on Videotron’s network throughout Quebec and Rogers’ network elsewhere.

To view Videotron’s coverage using the map, hold the mouse and drag it to view coverage of different areas. Videotron coverage is noted in purple and you can use the dropdown to switch between Videotron and Rogers’ maps. Keep in mind, while the physical coverage may not look super impressive, even on Rogers’ map (4G LTE network covers 19.9% of Canada), the majority of Canada is uninhabited, and Rogers provides coverage to 97% of the population.

Videotron Coverage Vs. Other Networks

If you’re looking to join the Videotron network and you’d like to compare Videotron coverage to Bell, Rogers, TELUS, and Freedom, you can use the chart below. Because Videotron runs on Rogers’ network when roaming, you’ll notice that Videotron and Rogers have the exact same coverage.

How Videotron Coverage Compares
CarrierPhysical Coverage (4G LTE)Population % Covered
Videotron19.9% 97%
Rogers19.9% 97%

Checking Your Coverage Where You Live

Before committing to a Videotron plan (or any other carrier, for that matter), you’ll want to check to make sure you’ll have coverage where you live. You can do this using our comparison tool. To use the tool, visit the link and input the data allowance you want, select a new phone or BYOD, then click “Search 18 Carriers.” At the top of the page, then you can input your specific address and you will see all of the carriers that provide coverage in your area. The result page may something like “4G coverage found on 4 networks so you have 16 carrier options.” You can click on those carrier options to view which carriers provide coverage to your area.

What Kind of Videotron Cell Phone Plans are Available?

Videotron offers feature-packed cell phone plans in Quebec for cheaper rates than the Big Three—Bell, Rogers, and TELUS. It has a variety of plans from unlimited to basic to bring your own phone plans. All Videotron phone plans include unlimited talk and text in Canada, which is grew news if you want to chat to your heart’s delight. Plus, Videotron Premium plans, known as “Without Borders” plans, include calls to the US and data roaming and talk while traveling in the US. You also have the option to customize your plan by adding data add-ons, travel passes, and more. To compare plan features, check out the list of Videotron phone plans below.

Videotron FAQs

What is Videotron?

Videotron is a network that services within the Quebec region as well as bordering regions of Ontario (more specifically, eastern Ontario).

In 2018, Videotron, Telus, and SaskTel ranked as the leaders in their respective segments in the Canada Wireless Network Quality Study.

What does it mean to be on a partner network?

Given that Videotron runs on partner networks, it has service agreements with bigger partners that help ensure that customers in Quebec and eastern Ontario have excellent coverage.

How will I be notified if I’m using a partner network?

Videotron’s devices are programmed so that they use Videotron’s network first. If you travel out of the range of Videotron’s network, your phone will automatically connect to the next available partner network. You can find which network you’re connected to by looking at the display name on the screen.

Does Videotron have an extended network?

Yes, Videotron’s extended network includes the Videotron network and the Videotron Partner 2 network—Rogers. These networks service customers across Quebec and nationwide. Your extended coverage will kick in when you travel out of range and you will see a “PRTNR2” on your screen to notify you that you’re on Rogers’ network.

Will I get charged if my device uses a partner network?

No, you will not be charged if you use extended coverage.

What does it mean if my phone goes onto roaming mode?

If you are in Canada and your phone turns on roaming, it means that your cell phone is in an area outside Videotron’s network. This may happen if you travel outside of Quebec or Ontario.

What does it mean if my phone turns on (zone 1) roaming mode in the US?

Good question! If you are travelling in the United States or in certain Central American countries, you’ll be given the long-distance access code “1” (e.g. 1 XXX XXX-XXXX).

What does it mean if my phone turns on international roaming mode?

This means your cell phone (and you!) are outside Canada or the US (or zone 1 countries).

Why do I have problems with my network?

Many factors can affect your device’s signal. If you have problems with your coverage, contact Videotron’s Technical Support.

My signal is broken and my calls get cut off sometimes. Why is this happening? How can I fix it?

When your phone is in roaming mode, it can make it harder for the network to connect your signal.

If you are experiencing this issue contact Videotron’s technical support team!

What does the term “accidental roaming” refer to?

Accidental roaming occurs when you are travelling outside of the service area, generally in a border area, and your signal is accidentally captured by an unrecognized antenna.

If I leave the Videotron network coverage area, will my phone automatically connect to the Videotron partner network?

Yes, your mobile phone automatically accesses the Videotron partner network, Rogers. However, if you’re in the middle of a conversation, the transfer process will interrupt your conversation. If this happens, just call the other party back.

How can I use the Daily Traveller Pass?

While abroad, you can activate the Daily Traveller Pass. The pass remains active for 24 hours. You will see the fees of the pass reflected in your bill only if you make or receive a call, send a text message (including photo and video messages), or use your data.

To reactivate your Daily Traveller Pass, simply use your services after a 24-hour period ends. This will reactivate the network service for another 24 hours and you will be billed the daily fee. You can monitor your service by visiting the online Customer Centre or by logging into the User Centre + app on your mobile.

As a reminder, you must turn on data roaming for the Daily Traveller Pass to work.

What if I go over my data allowance on my phone plan while abroad and want to use the Daily Traveller Pass?

When you go over your data allowance, you will automatically incur data overage fees. If you know you’ll go over your data while travelling, you can purchase on-demand Data Add-ons by visiting online Customer Centre or log into your User Centre + mobile app.

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