Primus Wireless Roaming Rates & Information

Find out what it will cost for Primus Wireless customers to use your phone while roaming in the US or Internationally.

Primus offers their customers the ability to roam on other carriers’ networks when traveling outside of Canada. Calls made while roaming are not included in your monthly plan.
There is now only one per minute rate for each country and region, making it easier to budget and track your roaming usage. For example, the same rate will apply for local calls and for calls back to Canada while in your roaming destination.
Roaming usage is charged on a per minute basis and is rounded up to the next minute. All charges are billed directly to your account in Canadian funds. In unusual circumstances, calls may appear on your invoice up to 120 days after they were made. Rates are subject to change.

For a list of countries included in each zone, click here.

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