Alcatel GO FLIP

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Canada: Bell, MTS Mobility, EastLink, Koodo Mobile, Koodo Mobile, SaskTel, TELUS, Videotron, Virgin Mobile
US: Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, Sprint, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile USA


March 2017


  • 2.8" display
  • Easy to use keypad
  • Quad-core processor
  • Wi-fi and LTE connectivity
  • 2 MP camera/video recorder


Latest Reviews

1 Star out of 5

Slow, frustrating and disappointing

Reviewed on Thursday February 8, 2018 by , Toronto, ontario
I bought this phone because I wanted to become less connected to the internet and to return to the days of a phone as a tool for texting and calling rather than as a digital hub with limitless possibilities and opportunities for distraction. While I enjoyed the fact that this phone was essentially unable to use the internet, I did not enjoy the fact that it struggled significantly at doing the 2 simple things I wanted it to do: make calls and text.
The calling function works for the most part. Two major issues however are one, every-time I miss a call, the call is recorded as "Main" in the call log. It doesn't say the number or name the contact, even if they are in my contacts list! I found myself trying to memorize the phone numbers of all of my contacts. Second, the speed dial interface only seems to work some of the time. Frequently my speed dial page will grey out, which makes me unable to check my voicemail without scrolling deep into my call log to redial voicemail again.
Now, the texting problems. They are legion. The phone frequently slows to a crawl when texting with somebody whom I have a more than 20 text message history with. I have to frequently clear text history in these conversations and still, the texting capacity has slowed overall. Additionally, the phone frequently cycles through various keyboard functions while texting, completely on its own and without me asking to do so.
In addition to all of the above, the phone would frequently slow to a crawl to the point that I needed to restart it. Often even after restarting, it would still be incredibly slow. I learned to hate texting and making calls with this phone, and frequently avoided using it. I think my flip phone I had in 2002 was actually a better phone. There is no excuse for Alcatel's GoFlip to fail at doing basic things it's supposed to do.
1 Star out of 5

Tried it twice, no satisfied

Reviewed on Sunday January 21, 2018 by , Philadelphia
I have had a soft spot for this company for years, in particular because my father worked for Lucent for more than a decade. I’ve been a flip phone user for 20+ years, and recently needed to upgrade. The Go Flip was one of the choices at Sprint, and seemed fulfill all the needs of my personal phone (my work phone is a Verizon iPhone). The size and features were what I wanted, I could stick it into my back pants pocket, as I’ve been doing for years.
My first Go Flip started acting up within days. I use my phone’s alarm feature to wake me at 5am every day. After a few days of working well, the alarm became unhinged from real time, first going off at 6am, then at 4am. Then, the phone began to freeze up, where I could only restart it by pulling the battery. Ultimately, I returned to Sprint, and they provided me with a new one.
The second Go Flip did reasonably well for a few weeks, altho’ the phone was extremely slow to respond to navigation keys, or when typing a text message. Then the top (outside) screen became indecipherable, looking like a nighttime photo of a city from 60,000 feet up. The alarm became unreliable, sometimes on time, sometimes early or late. Freezing is again an issue, where I can’t even reset the phone by holding the “end call” button, usually having to pull the battery. Note that I’ve kept the phone fully updated: UICC unlocked, PRL and firmware up to date. Also, I put in a 1GB micro SD card, to help with storage, have taken no pictures, keep only cellular and data on, no geolocation or wi-fi, downloaded no apps, in hopes of reducing “stress” on the phone. No luck. The phone will now randomly turn off when in use (such as pulling up texts), and at night, without provocation (i.e. no text messages, or end-of-charging) the cover display will light up (it’s next to my bed so I notice).
1 Star out of 5

Just horrible!!

Reviewed on Monday January 15, 2018 by , Cleveland
I can't begin to list how many things went wrong with this phone. Don't even think of buying it. I got two of them, and they were the two worst phones I've ever seen in my life. Stay away!
1 Star out of 5

Poor excuse for a phone

Reviewed on Monday January 8, 2018 by , Aurora, Ontario
My LG phone stopped working after 10 years.
It was simple and easy to use. Bell is my main
supplier because they have a monopoly and they
abuse the system. THAT IS THE ONLY FLIP PHONE
THEY HAVE. They should be ashamed . This phone
is the most unfriendly to operate . I went on line
to get instruction and got bombarded with unwanted
downloads, IT IS APIECE OF CR****P