Google Pixel

Also known as the Pixel Phone by Google


Canada: Bell, Fido, Koodo Mobile, Rogers, TELUS
US: Verizon Wireless


October 2016


  • Android 7.1 (Nougat)
  • 5-inch FHD AMOLED display
  • 12.3 MP camera with 4K video
  • Pixel Imprint Back-mounted fingerprint sensor for fast unlocking

Latest Reviews

1 Star out of 5

6 month old paperweight

Reviewed on Monday December 3, 2018 by , Ohio
Would absolutely never purchase a Pixel again. 6 months old, Wifi and Bluetooth will not turn on even after a multitude of factory resets. Now there seems to be an issue with the phone being unable to connect with my carrier. After every call I need to reset the phone. It will then connect. Google has been absolutely non-responsive after at least 5 enquiries. If you have a Pixel burn it now to save the aggravation.
1 Star out of 5

this phone sucks so much

Reviewed on Saturday December 1, 2018 by , djdodk
this phone can't do a single thing that a s9 or an apple phone could ever do. u think it would be really good in software but theres too many glitches in the software. google should stay to their browser. horrendous phone.
1 Star out of 5

About google mobiles

Reviewed on Monday November 19, 2018 by , Blr
Guys this is a genuine feed back ....if you wanted to spoil Ur money by buying any of the Google.devices then I have to say ...good luck

Don't buy these mobiles they are selling second hand mobiles and I recently bought one and I'm facing loads of issues
1 Star out of 5

This phone sucks

Reviewed on Tuesday November 13, 2018 by , Millville, NN
A Verizon sales rep told me the Google Pixel 2 was the same as Samsung and boy did she lie!! This is the worst phone I have ever had and I that includes my TracFone. It drops calls continually. It dials and instantly disconnects. Other times it won't even dial. I wanted to take it back and get a Samsung but had to settle for a replacement Pixel and guess what, I am having the same issues!!! The only way to get a Samsung is to pay this one off!!! WTH!!!