HTC Desire 320 Reviews

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The HTC Desire 320 has an average user review score of 0 Star out of 5 based on 1 review.

0 Stars out of 5

Worst phone I've ever had

Reviewed on Friday July 8, 2016 by , Canada
okay so my dad bought me a phone for my birthday and it was this one. it is terrible, let me tell you. 1gb of storage to download apps? yeah I bought a fifty dollar SD card and out it in my phone, and it doesn't work! it works in my mom's Samsung, and my sisters Alcatel, but no not in my HTC. I can't download anything. I have one app that actually works. the GPS doesn't work, the compass doesn't work, the location in general doesnt work. the camera is absolutely awful quality- in brightish light my face is completely gone, and in semi dark light, even with the flash on, its a black screen. the back camera makes the pictures look like an expressionist painting (and not a good one). there's no LED light, the battery sucks and everything crashes randomly. will not be buying from this brand again. the worst part is, the phone is only worth like $25 so I can't sell it. this has been a terrible experience. would definitely NOT recommend.