LG 285


November 2007


  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Bluetooth® technology
  • GPS capable


Latest Reviews

5 Stars out of 5

Great phone

Reviewed on Monday August 31, 2015 by , St john's NL
Got this in May 2008. Still works, no problems. Same battery.
5 Stars out of 5

It will die after me..

Reviewed on Thursday February 26, 2015 by , Sudbury
I got my LG285 for free at TELUS office in Scarborough with $50 of usage on November 1, 2008.
It is now Feb. 2015. The phone works perfectly, just had replaced an original battery year ago.
5 Stars out of 5

LG 285

Reviewed on Friday November 28, 2014 by , Canada
Perfect phone for someone who wants to keep it simple! All I wanted from my phone was talking and texting. No apps or stuff like that. Got it. Even after 6 years of dropping it on the floor, on rocks, even in water a few times and texting like crazy! It got cracked, but still I have to charge it only every 6-7 days, for 1h-2h, and it's ready to go again! And still have a great sound quality! Amazing phone!
5 Stars out of 5

Amazing phone!

Reviewed on Sunday September 11, 2011 by , Alberta, Canada
I am really, really hard on phones. They take a beating.

My LG-285 lasted me for FOUR years. It got dropped thousands of times and kept on going. The hinge eventually cracked and the phone wouldn't stay open, but it still worked great. I repaired the crack with some crazy-glue and kept on going. It wasn't until the other side of the hinge cracked and the phone wasn't working quite right, that I replaced it.. and I wish I'd just bought another one of these instead of the piece of crap I ended up with.

Even now, I'm missing the 'menu' button at the top right and the phone is deactivated-- but this phone still works great! My son likes to play the games that I downloaded onto it.

The battery life of this phone is astounding. I can go a week without having to charge it. I love being able to choose from a list style or an icon-driven one for the menus. It was easy to retrieve my voicemail and the sound quality is really good.

The camera is merely OK, and the pictures are of average quality. However, this isn't a big deal for me, since I want a basic phone and don't want all those gadgets and gizmos.

Having both bluetooth and voice-activated dialing capabilities is the big seller for me, and is probably the biggest reason that I plan to buy another one-- IF I can find it!

This is an amazing phone considering its low price. If you don't want anything fancy, this is a must-have phone.