LG 3200


September 2004


  • Funky style & hot colour
  • Colour display
  • Downloadable ringtones
  • Text Messaging ready


Latest Reviews

4 Stars out of 5

Three strikes and still not out

Reviewed on Monday July 16, 2007 by , vancouver, bc
Within the first six months of owning my phone I have dropped it in the bathtub while talking to my girlfriend, in the toilet(fell off my belt) while deep in thought(I probably should've been sitting), and if that wasn't enough I put it thru the wash(forgot to take it out of my pant pocket), putting it in my pant pocket to solve the falling off my belt problem which happened quite offen.
I've had the phone for over 2yrs now and it still works like a dream with no water damage at all. Talk about durable phones. This is my third LG product and by far the best. LG products are usually pretty good, they do have the vibrate and ring option, easy to use but don't have the greatest options of standard ringtones. The reception for the most part is fairly good but will not get any in basement apartments. So completely forgetting this detail my girlfriend and I have just signed a lease for a basement apartment so I now have to get a new phone(wish me luck). P.S Does anyone know of any waterproof phones?
1 Star out of 5

Worst cell phone I have ever owned

Reviewed on Friday June 9, 2006 by , windsor
I purchased 4 of these phones under a family plan. The first one died a week after the warranty expired (It would not turn on). The second one about two months after that (It would power up but freeze at the LG icon screen). The third one now is losing it's functions. Contact list cannot be edited or addded to. The phone shuts down and powers up on it's own. None of the options such as the alarm clock work. The phone will hang up at any time. I think they are all junk. LG should be responsible for selling these lemons.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday March 2, 2006 by , val des monts
jpas capable de downloader des sonnerie mp3 a partir de internet
1 Star out of 5

Third Phone in 3 Months

Reviewed on Monday January 2, 2006 by , Abbotsford BC
In Sept I choose a LG3200 pay and talk kit. After 2 weeks orange spots started to appear on the screen. No problem Western Mobile Communications replaced it but did not have the software to transfer my address book or calendar. Exactly 30 days later on the second phone the screen went black. This being the second phone in a month and a half I asked to change models and I would pay the differencs. No go but they did give me another "new" phone which I again spent 2 hours re-inputting the address book and calendar. 37 days after receiving the replacement phone the screen went black again. Thats 3 phones in 3 months. This time Western Mobile Communication informed me that the phone would have to be sent out for repairs. I could RENT a loaner phone from them. I was also informed by the store manager that they no longer deal with pay and talk and I was welcome to take my buisness else were. Telus inform me that the phone would have to be sent out for repairs once before they would consider replacement with a different model. I contacted TAC Mobility who were very helpful. They have sent the phone in and provided a loaner free of charge. I've been told that LG is a reliable phones but I have yet to get one. The other thing to consider is I have been using a belt case that has a magnetic clasp. Could that have scrambled the screen??? I have not hear of any other phones having this problem. My company provides Motorola phones to the mannagers and all of them have the same phone case as I and non of their screens have been affected. Choose who you purchase you phone and service from carefully you may have to deal with them again.