LG 5550

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Canada: Bell


August 2004


  • 65K Colour Screen
  • Voice Command
  • Driving Mode
  • Innovative External Display


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5 Stars out of 5

Le plus performant à date :

Reviewed on Saturday October 8, 2005 by , Vaudreuil-Dorion
J’ai acheté ce modèle en été 2004 et depuis, jamais eu de problème. Excellent « design » en termes de facilité d’accès aux touches.

Il s’agit de mon 6ème cellulaire en 17 ans, pour la première fois, lorsque le temps viendra, j’achèterai ce modèle de nouveau.

Un collègue ingénieure m’informait que les premiers modèles ont connu certaine difficultés technique mais le tout a été résolu depuis ce temps.

LG est reconnu depuis des années pour surpasser, en termes de qualité de produit, en aviation entre autre, tous ces compétiteurs.
1 Star out of 5

Don't Buy It!

Reviewed on Wednesday February 2, 2005 by , NC
I purchased the phone Aug.2004 haven't really had any use of it. The screen went out then the entire phone failed. Had to send off for repair. 3 weeks later they sent a referbished phone back to me same model. Within the week the front LCD went out phone wouldn't charge and now the phone won't turn on. I am sending it in for repair again. LG will not upgrade my phone to a different model. They have been of no help. Do Not purchase this model. Lg says they have not recalled this model at all. They say it has been a very successful model. Yeah right!
3 Stars out of 5

Seems like a good phone, but only for english speaking people

Reviewed on Friday December 17, 2004 by , Montreal
Loud speaker, nice display, voice digit dial mode is very handy, voice recognition is excellent.
Recharges very rapidly (fastest I've seen).

The button for voice command is too close to the up/down volume. I found myself sometimes hitting it accidently.
The voice recognition only works with english and you can't store your own prompt for stored numbers, so if you have french contacts it's difficult to get the phone to dial them via voice.
My phone is 1 month old and the speaker phone doesn't work anymore: I'll have to return it.
4 Stars out of 5

Above average

Reviewed on Thursday December 9, 2004 by , Tulsa Ok. USA
I have had the LG LX5550 for almost 2 weeks now and have tried most of the features. The sound quality and volume is excellent on both ends and no one can tell I am on a cell phone. The speakerphone is above average as long as you do not get too far from the mic. The supplied headset is fair but most will complain you sound far away unless you hold the mic close to your mouth. The phone fits in the included holster facing outward so it can be opened and used while in the holster but this leaves the front of the phone exposed and subject to damage. I purchased and like the optional leather case/holster for $12.95.

This phone was recalled for a firmware problem that made the screen go blank at times and I got one of the first ones back after recall. I have had no problems with mine yet. I read a review that said the phone would not ring and vibrate together but mine does so maybe it was a firmware change. The voice recognition is outstanding and errors have been close to 0, even without training the voice. This phone will not work with the clamshell closed unless you have the headset plugged in. It must also be open to use the speakerphone.

Pros: The phone looks good and has excellent sound quality. Except for a camera it has many features that all work well. It is well worth the $29.95 (after rebate). I looked at many phones and would buy this phone again without hesitation.

Cons: After the initial alert for new voice mail there are no sounds, lights or any way to tell you have mail without opening the clam shell. The supplied headset is only fair because of the mic position.