LG 6190


November 2004


  • Digital camera with zoom/flash
  • Fastapô Keypad
  • Speakerphone
  • Picture messaging


Latest Reviews

5 Stars out of 5

This phone is pretty good

Reviewed on Friday April 18, 2008 by , Ontario
This phone has had some pro and cons. Yes it does reboot sometimes after txt messaging and I personally am a pretty easy going person, so it doesnt bother me... on the other hand I love the colours and I also love how easy it is to text. Someone stole my first Lg 6190 and I love it so much I personally paid for a new one so I could have it again!
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday December 28, 2007 by , Toronto
I have a LG 6190 by far the best phone i ever had its now giving me problems with the screen ! i wish they still made this phone .. i now got the LG 8600 and dont like it .this will be my last phone with [service provider] after over 12 years as they will not exchange this 8600 lg
5 Stars out of 5

LG 6190

Reviewed on Wednesday October 31, 2007 by , North Bay, Ontario
I have had the LG 6190 for almost 2 years now. I do a LOT of texting as my husband is working in a different province, and my best friend lives in Southern Ontario. In an average day I send about 50 text messages, and unlike others, I have never encountered any issue with the phone powering off on its own. It does get noticably warm when talkign for extended periods of time, however, after owning the phone for so long, I have gotten used to it I guess - I hardley even notice anymore. My phone get charged once a day for about 4 hours while it's on - and that's it. I have not had to replace the battery and I have never had the phone die on me. I use the phone for business, so it does get used quite frequently (maybe 20 calls a day). I have encountered dropped calls, but only sporatically while travelling through country areas. This phone has been thrown across the room by my daughter, dropped in a toilet by my daughter, dropped on the ground at least a dozen times by me, and yet it lives! The batteyr is easy to pop back on and away you go. It has had its share of bump, scrapes, and drops, and only this past week has it seen real damage - the outer screen now has a crack in it. And now I am looking high and low to find a replacement LG 6190 with the fast-tap keypad. It seems almost impossible to find, and no other phone I look at even comes close to meetimg my expectations in look, functionality, and easy of use. I will continue to use this LG 6190 and I pray I can find another. It is an amazing phone and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who texts a lot and needs something sturdy and reliable. One drawback - the "Please Say a Command" button. I think it should be located on the tp of the phone not the side, that way you know where it is if you really need it, but it won't irritate you so much! All in all - A GREAT PHONE - Definitely worth it!
4 Stars out of 5

addicted to fast tap...

Reviewed on Tuesday September 4, 2007 by , Toronto
ok, so i've head this phone for a year and a half or so. The biggest problem with it (and two of my friends) is that the battery is garbage. my phone turns off spontaneously ALL the time!! it's really, really annoying and has caused me too many stressful situations. [service provider] told me to buy a new battery ($$$) but it was doing this almost since i got it... and conveniently got much worse just after the warranty expired.
that being said - i will probably still buy a new battery as fast tap is the only way to live. i cannot, nor will i go back to that t9 stuff. ever. other than the battery and that annoying "please say a command" button/voice, i love this phone. i wish they would make a new version of this phone that doesn't leak battery acid (black version)!