LG 6200


Canada: Bell


October 2005


  • Video camera
  • Integrated digital camera
  • Picture and video messaging
  • Java-capable


Latest Reviews

5 Stars out of 5

tres bon téléphone

Reviewed on Saturday February 16, 2008 by , lac-mégantic québec
c est un tres bon téléphone ,mais pas de tres belle photos

marche tres bien sauf si vous l échapé dans la toilette ,lol si cela vous arrive le mocri va pété et en plus celui de mon mari téléphonais tout seul donc attention
5 Stars out of 5

Really Good Only A Few Bad Things

Reviewed on Wednesday February 6, 2008 by , New York
This phone is a grat phone and all the only problem is after it gets a few years old the camera starts to get all fuzzy but the camcorder is awesome i recorded a few fights at skool i would prefer this phone anytime than a Motorola the only part i miss from my motorola is it records 20 second videos or more and the memory is expandable and it was mp3 over all i would rather use the LG 6200 anyday than a Motorola V360! the LG is a very neat phone
4 Stars out of 5

I love this phone!!!! :) :) :) :)

Reviewed on Wednesday March 28, 2007 by , Winnipeg
This phone looks amazing!! It's screens look wonderful too. The speaker phone is a little hard to hear, but it is ok. I love the ringers that it has! The screens that it has are a little on the sucky side, but you can buy new ones, and make your own with the camera phone.
Here is a list of pros and cons of the phone
- Nice look
- Wonderful ringers
- Wonderful screens
- Easy to use features
- Easy to read text's
- It never gets less than full bars
- It has a nice camera
- It has a nice video camera
- It always notifies me on time when I have a message

- Sometimes the screen won't turn on when I flip it on
- Buttons a little on the small side
- Sometimes the camera makes the screen turn green, and you have to wait a while for it to go back to normal.

I would reccommend this phone to anyone!
The con's are barely major!!
4 Stars out of 5

Was good

Reviewed on Tuesday March 27, 2007 by , Toronto
The phone is decent/was decent, not really sure which.

The video camera is cute, but a bit stupid as it only records for 15 seconds.

I love the speaker's volume. Why do people complain about the speaker volume being too loud, in loud situations I can hear the pther person I'm tlaking to still so I like it and there is a volume control on it.

I absolutely love how you can use "voice memo" recordings as your phone ringer. For fun I had it ring to me saying "Hey, you! Pick up the phone! It's for you, get the phone!!"

What I hate trully, though, after spending a year and a half on it, is that the battery is really starting to stink. It won't last much more than a day even though it advertises 8 days. Maybe batteries are supposed to start being lousy after a year, I duno, but it really bothers me. that's the only real problem I have along with the fact that on speakerphone the guy on the other end can't hear you so well unless u cup the phone.