LG Chocolate TG800


November 2006


  • Ultra Slim design
  • Embedded MP3 player
  • Touch Sensitive keypad
  • 1.3 Mega Pixel Camera


Latest Reviews

1 Star out of 5

i want my pictures

Reviewed on Monday April 4, 2011 by , canada
I went to charge my phone and it wouldn't charge. So, I unplugged the cord from the phone and the part on the phone that you plug the cord/headphones into pulled right out. I have pictures of my son when he was born on the phone and i don't know how to get them off the phone =( Can somebody please tell me how I can do this???
1 Star out of 5

Bad Chocolate

Reviewed on Thursday January 21, 2010 by , Ontario, Canada
My wife bought 2 of these phones in June of 2008. After about a year, the charge port on the side of the phone pulled out when I took the charger out. When I took it back to Bell World (still under warranty that we paid for) they told me that I likely wouldn't get a replacement or repair as the problem with the charging port "usually" occurs during the first year. Since mine broke after that, they were doubtful. I have now been told that I will not get a Chocolate phone back and the warranty is now Void. They are giving me an LG Rumor phone (without warranty) as the Rumor has the same basic features as the LG Chocolate. I've checked reviews and the Rumor doesn't sound much better. Lesson learned .......... DO NOT BUY ANY CELLULAR PRODUCTS THAT ARE MADE BY LG!!!!!
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday April 4, 2009 by , Jeffersonville
I justttt barely got my phone and when ever I plug in the phone it says, use genuine battery. and I'm using the battery it came with so i dont know what to do. does anybody know what i should do? w/out buying a new battery????
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday March 29, 2009 by , Canada-Vancouver
I don't understand my LG chocolate slide
It's giving me problems.

Listen up:

So whenever I go to press the number 1 button it takes me to the multimedia and gives me 3 options MP3, CAMERA AND VIDEO CAMERA why ??? why can't it just dial 1 instead of taking me there???

whenever i dial 2 it takes me to the keypad volume and wants me 2 select from 1-5 highest volume...

whenever i dial 3 it takes me to the keypad volume as well and does the same bull****

all the other buttons work fine, the slide works fine, everything else is good

but when i wanna txt or say im dialing a number my 1,2,3 wont work!

i wanna know how to fix this problem! someone please explain!!! HELPPPP ASAP!