LG Voyager

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Canada: Bell, TELUS


April 2009


  • QWERTY keyboard
  • MicroSD up to 8 GB
  • External Touch screen


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1 Star out of 5

Buyer beware!

Reviewed on Monday April 25, 2011 by , Regina
We have a three year contract because the phones cost approx. $400.00/per phone in sept 2009, both had to be repaired in Sept 2010 one: loss of sound, case issues (flip up) and screen blacking out. Although it was in the one year period, we had to pay the repairs, we asked for a replacement, these phones quit working properly before "one year" of use. It is seven months later (after repairs by sasktel), no screen and no voice and we still have 17 months left on a contract. Apparently the "ribbon" is gone and we have now been told that it would be better to invest in a "cheap" phone for the remainder of the contract then to repair the phones and to buy out the contract with Sasktel. We were also told that these are "old phones" and were considered "old" in 2009. I thought we buying good phones, new technology, that would at least last for a three year contract......why are you offering a three year contract when the phones are useless in a year and why didn't the phone get replaced by LG is this is a "common Problem" with these phones? Now, how do I get "parts" for these phones. There must be some techs out there willing to repair phones for less than what you are charging without guarantees.
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday October 12, 2009 by , conaroz@yahoo.ca
Did waste my money over this phone.
No application available other then Msn or other email tricks.
Really bad ringtone installed.
Can not downlaod your personnal ring tone, have to be purcahsed from ypur supplier.
Dialling voice command , did stop using it, never the right name, prompt for weard option.

If you major plan is to call friends and pizza or play games, go for cheaper phone, don't waste your money.
5 Stars out of 5

Tres bon

Reviewed on Thursday April 9, 2009 by , Montréal
Salut j’ai le LG Voyager depuis maintenant 7 mois, je l’aime beaucoup. Le seul problème que j’ai avec cet appareil c’est qu’en français le clavier est lent mais je n’ai pas retrouvé ce problème en anglai. Pour le reste, tout va bien.
5 Stars out of 5

im lovin it

Reviewed on Thursday December 4, 2008 by , Edmonton Alberta
I better start off by saying, this is the best phone I ever had. it's great, fast and GREAT for texting. the software response really fast and it's great. it's much faster than samsung instinct. it you want an iphone with a nice keyboard, you have to get this phone. I believe this is way better than iphone. the picture quality is great and has lots of cool options. the battery is great. so I'm telling you, just get this phone and you would love it. trust me